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Close Contacts and Testing

As of 13 January 2022, the rules around close contacts and testing in South Australia have changed. You can view the definition of a close contact on the SA Health website.

Members in other states should check their testing and isolation requirements with your state health departments.

South Australian Close Contacts and Testing update

It’s important to note:

  • You don't need to be notified by SA Health to be considered a close contact.
  • You can be notified by another person who has tested positive, or a business that had a positive case in their premises while you were there.
  • You must isolate. You can find the current guidelines on the SA Health website.

When you need to have a PCR test:

  • If you experience symptoms. You must have a PCR even if you haven’t been told you are a close contact, or if you have symptoms and have a negative rapid antigen test.
  • If you have been directed to by SA Health.
  • If you are required to for travel.

You can also have a PCR test if you have a positive rapid antigen test and would like to confirm the result, though this is not required.

You can find testing locations and bookings for PCR tests on the SA Health Website.

When you need to have a rapid antigen test:

If you have been advised you are a close contact you can register to receive two rapid antigen tests from SA Health. You must use your initial test when you receive it, and the second on Day 6.

There is no cost for rapid antigen tests for registered close contacts.

If you have tested positive on a rapid antigen test you are required report your result on the SA Health website. This applies to tests you have been supplied as a close contact, or tests you’ve purchased for personal use.

Learn more about rapid antigen tests on the SA Health website.

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