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As a Health Partners Hospital or Extras member you will always recieve 30% off non-prescription designer sunnies in store at Health Partners Optical (located in South Australia). That means those Ray-Bans or those Prada sunnies you’ve been eye off, take 30% off the retail price. Shop the range in store today.

Protect your eyes with prescription sunglasses

You’ll always find the latest trends in sunnies at Health Partners Optical. Shop from one of the most extensive ranges of designer brands in South Australia – we’ve got choices for every budget.

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Our members get a generous 30% discount on non-prescription sunnies all year round!

Polarised lenses help to block out blinding glare from the sun providing you with clearer vision on sunny days. They also provide better colour perception and enhanced contrast when outdoors. Polarised sunnies are perfect for driving as they reduce glare-causing reflections from flat surfaces like the car bonnet or road surface on a hot day.

How do they work?

When light hits flat surfaces it tends to travel in a more uniform direction, usually horizontally. When this type of light is reflected it causes glare and reduces visibility. Polarised lenses have a filter that blocks this reflected light and thereby reduces glare.

We use sunblock for our skin so why don’t we also protect our eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays? Too much UV exposure can cause cataracts as well as destroy your retina, the lining at the back of your eyes that helps you to see clearly. UV coating on lenses helps to reduce the amount of harmful radiation reaching your eyes.

Up to 50% of UV radiation penetrating the eyes is reflected off the back surface of your lenses as most UV lenses only protect your eyes from the front of your glasses. At Health Partners, we use Crizal UV lenses which also reduce the amount of UV radiation reflected from behind the lens. Crizal UV lenses are the only prescription lenses endorsed by the Cancer Council.

Prescription sunnies are a great alternative to contact lenses providing clear outdoor vision and protection on a sunny day. They’re also a more comfortable option for beach days when your eyes can become watery or itchy fighting against sand, water, wind and UV rays.

Choose from a huge variety of the latest trends at Health Partners Optical.

With multiple lens colours available you can tailor your sunnies to suit your lifestyle.

Grey – ideal for Golf, Motorcycling and Driving

  • Great if you’re light sensitive or spending extended periods of time in bright sunlight.
  • Maintain truer colour vision.

Amber – ideal for Fishing and Driving

  • Enhances your vision by providing crisper contrasts that help you to make out shapes more clearly.

Yellow – ideal for Cycling and Driving

  • Assist vision in overcast, foggy or other low light situations.
  • Provides high contrast and depth perception.

Good looking eyes inside and out

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