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To avoid delays

To avoid delays receiving refunds and claim payments, please submit claims through the My Health App or Members Online, and ensure to select the direct credit option (instead of cheque). Please ensure your direct credit details are up to date. Need assistance? Contact us.

Claiming options

Making a Health Insurance claim should be easy. After all, that’s why we have Health Insurance.

If your provider uses HICAPS and Health Point you can claim on-the-spot with your membership card, otherwise, there are four easy ways you can make a claim:

My Health App

  1. Download the app
  2. Register or login
  3. Upload a photo of your account/receipt

Most claims submitted via the app are paid within 2 business days.

Learn more about the Health Partners My Health app.

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  1. Login to Members Online
  2. Select 'Your Claims/Claim Online'
  3. Upload a photo of your itemised account/receipt
  4. Submit


  1. Download and complete a claim form (PDF)
  2. Send claim form and copy of itemised account/receipt to:
    Health Partners Claims Assessor
    Reply Paid 1493
    Adelaide SA 5001


  1. Download and complete a claim form (PDF)
  2. Send in your claim form and photo of the itemised account/receipt by contacting us online

What you must include with your claim

Claims must be supported by an itemised account(s), receipt(s) (required for payment of claim) if paid, and/or Medicare Statement(s). We cannot pay benefits on quotes.

Itemised accounts and/or receipts (required for payment of claim) must show the following information:

  • The provider’s name, provider number and address.
  • The patient’s full name and address.
  • The date of service.
  • The description of the service, including any item numbers.
  • The amount charged.

Please remember to also check for any additional documentation that may be required to support your claim in the Health Partners Member Guide, particularly in relation to Wellness programs, Health Aids and Appliances. General information about claiming and benefits can also be found in this document.

How to claim for Gym and Fitness
How to claim for Aids and Appliances

Payment of claims

Member claims are deposited by direct credit directly into your preferred bank account (or a cheque is provided if required).

As a policyholder, your direct credit should already be set up from when you first joined. If you are a partner/spouse or dependent, you can nominate to have the payment of your claim paid into a bank account of your choice. The easiest way for policyholders to update this information is to login to Members Online. You can also update your bank details using the Member Claim form or by simply calling us on 1300 113 113.'

You only need to supply these details once – the next time you submit a claim (either via our app or the claim form), simply tick the direct credit box and we will transfer your benefit to the same account.

Once direct credit payments have been processed, a statement will be sent to you outlining benefits paid.

By default, cheques (if not receiving your benefit via direct credit bank transfer) will be made out to the policyholder, or to the provider if the account is unpaid.

How to save on your medical bills

We’ve put together some tips that can help reduce or even eliminate your out-of-pocket costs.

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