Over 30 with no Hospital cover?

Join great value hospital cover by June 30 to avoid the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading or loading increase

What is the Lifetime Health Cover Loading?

Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) is an Australian Government initiative designed to encourage you to take out hospital cover earlier in life, and to keep it. It’s added onto your hospital premium if you wait until after you’re 31 to take it out.

If you join at 35 you’ll pay 10% more for the same policy, compared to someone who joined at 30. This loading is only on your hospital policy and remains in place for 10 continuous years.

Here's how it works:

  • You turn 31
  • You get Hospital Cover by June 30 and avoid the LHC
  • If you don’t, you’ll get stuck paying an extra 2% for Hospital Cover – that’s the LHC loading
  • For every year you're without Hospital Cover, your LHC loading increases by 2% to a max of 70%

Calculate your LHC loading

If you’re 31 or over, check your age to see how much extra LHC loading you could pay if you don’t have hospital cover on 1 July.

AgeLHC loadingWhat you'll pay extra per year*
31 years old2%$75.23
32 years old4%$150.47
33 years old6%$225.70

34 years old

35-65 years old

Continues to increase 2% every year

*Example used for illustrative purposes. Calculations based on a 2024 Single Gold Hospital Advantage Cover with a $750 excess in SA. No rebate and no direct debit discount applied. The LHC percentage will be added to your hospital cover and will remain in place for 10 continuous years.

How to avoid the LHC

Simple, just add Hospital Cover to your membership by June 30 following your 31st birthday.

Why is it added?

By law, we’re required to apply the LHC Loading to Hospital Cover when people join after their 31st birthday.

Choose the right cover

Why get hospital cover when there's a public system?

Switching from another health fund? No worries!

Choose great value private health cover to suit your needs and budget

Get higher extras limits when you combine hospital and extras cover.⁺ Cover prices for a single, starting from:


*Premiums displayed are for applicants in SA entitled to base tier Australian Government Rebate, nil Lifetime Health Cover loading and $750 excess (relating to Hospital Cover only), and paid via direct debit.

Limits, waiting periods, restrictions and exclusions may apply. Benefits vary according to cover level- those noted throughout this page provide a snapshot of some that may apply on Base, Good, Better, Best, Combined Good, Combined Better and Combined Best Extras when using Health Partners Dental, participating dentists, Health Partners Optical, recognised optical providers and participating physiotherapists or hospital, and may relate to specific item numbers or incorporate further terms and conditions. 20% Pharmacy discount applies to most non-prescription items at Participating Pharmacies, to eligible Health Partners members with Extras cover. Conditions and exclusions apply, refer to www.healthpartners.com.au/pharmacy-benefits for full details and to find your nearest Provider.

Refer to hospital cover details, extras cover details and the Health Partners Member Guide for more information.

+Higher extras limits on Dental and Physio when taking out Hospital & Extras cover, at a reduced premium for Extras cover
compared to Extras only. Available on selected Extras cover. Benefits vary according to cover level. Waiting periods, limits and conditions apply.

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