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Save on scripts and everyday items at over 50 participating pharmacies across South Australia.

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As a Health Partners Extras member, you save on scripts^ and get an unlimited 20%* off at our participating pharmacies in South Australia. This means you save on the good stuff like cosmetics, vitamins and hair care.

Your benefits

PBS prescriptions that are not already subsidised by the Government.1You'll only pay $20 or less per prescription, up to your annual limit.^
Private and compounding prescriptions.2You'll pay a maximum of $40 per prescription, up to your annual limit.^

Member Discount on non-prescription items.3

Unlimited 20% discount on everyday items.

1 No benefits apply to Government subsidised scripts. To understand if your script is subsidised speak to your pharmacist.
2 Including vaccinations, hormone implants, allergen implants and IVF-associated drugs.
3 20% Discount applies on the pharmacies item price of most non-prescription products on presentation of Health Partners membership card for members with extras products, but excludes items already discounted by 40% or more, agency items (i.e. X-Lotto), selected franchise brands (i.e. Chanel) and schedule 3 recordable medicines. Discount does not apply to ‘price matched’ items and during selected shopping centre VIP promotion days. A pharmacy is not required to honour their loyalty club program discount & the Health Partners discount in the same transaction. Unlimited use. Waiting periods may apply. Conditions are in accordance with agreements held with our preferred pharmacies, which may change from time to time.

How your benefit works

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) makes a range of prescription medicines more affordable to Australian residents due to the Government subsidising the cost. These medicines also require a PBS co-payment to be paid towards each item by the patient.

If you are on eligible extras cover, all you have to do is pay up to $20 per non-government subsidised prescription, we will cover any gap over $20, up to your cover’s limit.

Private medicines are medicines that the Government does not include on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). These medicines are not subsidised and can be quite expensive. Health Partners has no exclusions on these medicines meaning we can help you with lifestyle and tailored compounded medicines, approved medicinal cannabis, IVF drugs and non-government subsidised vaccinations.

If you are on eligible extras cover, all you have to do is pay up to $40 per private prescription, we will cover any gap up to your cover’s limit^.

Members can enjoy an unlimited 20% discount on the marked price of non-prescription pharmacy products*, only available at Health Partners Participating Pharmacies. This means that members can save every day on the good stuff like cosmetics, vitamins, hair care and skincare. Save on:

  • Vitamins & supplements
  • Pain relief and minor ailment products
  • Perfume and beauty products
  • Skincare & hair care
  • Sports medicine and wound care items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I claim?

If you have eligible extras cover with Health Partners, you can claim a wide range of pharmacy benefits. Just make sure:

  • your premium payments are up to date,
  • you’ve served the 2 month waiting period and
  • your pharmacy benefit limit for the year has not already been reached.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility or your available benefit limit, please contact us.

What cannot be claimed?

  • Non-prescription medicine
  • PBS prescriptions that attract a government subsidy
  • PBS listed items under the value of $20
  • Private prescriptions valued under $40
  • Natural Remedies
  • Medical devices (scheduled by the TGA)

You can claim on-the-spot benefits at over 50 Health Partners participating pharmacies. Just present your membership card together with your prescription and the pharmacist will do the rest!

You just pay the gap: $20 for a non-government subsidised PBS prescription, or $40 for a private or compounding prescription. Limits apply.

If you live outside South Australia and have eligible extras cover, you can have your prescriptions dispensed at any pharmacy that meets our recognition criteria and submit your claim manually.

With eligible extras cover^ you can present your membership card at participating pharmacies to save 20% on most non-prescription items (this includes a range of over-the-counter non-prescription medicines, but excludes schedule 3 recordable items).

^Excludes Freedom Extras and Freedom Max Extras.

Yes, you’ll need your membership card to claim benefits and to apply the 20% discount. The pharmacy staff will ask for your card to confirm your benefit eligibility.

Why can’t I claim?

  • Products already discounted by 40% or more
  • Price matched items
  • Agency lines, such as National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), SA Lotteries
  • Specific exclusions by location (e.g. Chanel at The Village Pharmacy, Burnside)
  • Schedule 3 Recordable items
  • Government-deemed essential item such as Rapid Antigen Test (until further notice)

Health Partners do not own our participating pharmacies, but these pharmacies enter into an agreement with the fund to supply benefits and discounts to our members. These pharmacies claim your prescription benefits for you on the spot, saving you time, as well as providing your 20% discount on items in their pharmacies. Not all pharmacies agree to be part of the Health Partners program. If you'd like to suggest a pharmacy to join our network, ask your pharmacist or contact us.

If your membership is paid up to date, you have served your waiting periods and you have benefits available, ask the pharmacy to call us on 1300 113 113. Alternatively, you might like to call us from the pharmacy yourself. We can usually sort out any eligibility issues over the phone.

If you believe that you are entitled to the discount but your pharmacy disagrees, please ask the pharmacy to call us, or feel free to contact us. If you call us from the pharmacy, we might be able to sort it out straightaway. If you have paid for the item, retain your proof of purchase so we can take a look.

Special medications

Sure! Contact us and we can try our best to assist.

Yes, compounding prescriptions are included in pharmacy benefits. We have several compounding pharmacy partners, you can find pharmacy partners using the map.

It’s always a good idea to give them a call first to make sure they can supply what you’re after, and they can let you know if there is a waiting period to order.

Yes, some drugs prescribed during assisted reproductive treatment are claimable, and some Health Partners participating pharmacies carry specialist IVF medication. Contact us for more information.

Members pay $40 for vaccines (excluding those claimable under the National Immunisation Program). Benefits are only payable if the vaccine prescription is purchased at a Health Partners participating pharmacy, or the vaccination is supplied and administered by a medical practitioner. If it is the latter, please retain proof of payment and submit the claim manually. Please note that pharmacy limits apply.

We also provide our members with free flu vaccinations at selected Health Partners participating pharmacies, between 1 March and 31 August. Please see here for more information.

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