Crowns and bridges

What’s a dental crown?

Also known as a ‘dental cap’ or ‘tooth cap’, a crown is a porcelain tooth that’s the same colour and texture as your existing teeth. Dentists use this manufactured tooth to rebuild broken, discoloured or decayed teeth and improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

Same-day crowns at Health Partners Dental

With the use of CEREC technology, we’re able to create and insert your crown in the same day. Using this digital technology means:

  • No unpleasant impressions.
  • No follow-up appointments.
  • Only one local anaesthetic.
  • No additional costs.

Learn more about CEREC technology at Health Partners Dental

What’s a dental bridge?

A bridge is a prosthetic appliance that dentists use to replace missing teeth. Using the remaining teeth to support the new artificial tooth, two crowns are placed over the existing teeth, on either side of the gap, and a false tooth is inserted in between.

Crown and bridge care

They’re designed to be long-lasting but still need proper care like your natural teeth. It’s important to regularly brush and floss artificial teeth to decrease the chance of developing plaque or calculus build up. At your regular dental checks, your Health Partners Dentist will monitor your crown or bridge and make sure it remains stable and functioning correctly.

How long will a bridge or crown last?

They can generally last between 7-15 years, however, it’s dependent on each person’s oral and general health.