Multifocals (also called progressive lenses) combine multiple optical powers in one lens – without any visible lines.

They allow you to see:

  • At a far distance
  • At an arm’s length distance, like working on a computer
  • Close-up for activities like reading.

Our optometrists may recommend multifocal lenses if you wear one pair of glasses for reading and another pair for distance.

With multifocals, you don’t have to swap your glasses each time you change from one activity to another.

What can I expect when I switch to multifocals?

It might take a while to adjust to wearing multifocals, especially if you’re switching from single vision lenses, or are new to wearing glasses.

A multifocal lens features a different optical power from the top to the bottom and from the centre to the outer edges. As a result, things might look a little blurry when you first start wearing them. However, this is completely normal and most people adjust to the new lens usually within a couple of weeks.

Not quite right?

Our focus is on providing you with the best possible vision solutions. So, if after two weeks you’re still experiencing difficulty adjusting to your multifocal lenses, simply come back and see us. Sometimes a simple fitting adjustment can help. And if that doesn’t help, we’ll happily replace them with bifocal or single vision lenses at no extra cost.

If you’re interested in trying multifocal lenses, chat to our friendly team in store.

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