Root canal treatment

What’s root canal treatment?

It’s a dental procedure where the root canals are opened, cleaned and eventually filled with a material. This treatment is usually provided when the tooth’s nerve becomes abscessed or infected.

What’s the process?

Root canal treatment can involve several visits:

First visit: Your dentist will clean out the infected nerve and bacteria with a disinfectant. Root canals are cleaned and widened with a special instrument to remove the infection.

Second visit: The nerve chamber and root canals are filled to prevent any bacteria from re-entering. The tooth opening is then restored with a filling.

After treatment, your tooth will be brittle and can easily break, so your dentist might recommend a crown.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is the small space within each root of a tooth which contains your nerve and blood vessels.

How can root canals become infected?

The damage or infection can be caused by deep dental decay, large deep fillings, cracks, chips, tooth damage through trauma or tooth grinding.