Priority access to a psychologist

To support the mental health of our members and better enable timely support, Health Partners have partnered with Supported Minds Psychology to provide priority access to exclusively reserved appointments for all Health Partners members.

The Supported Minds practice is conveniently located in Health Partners' current health hub at 101 Pirie Street Adelaide, and offers in-person and telehealth appointments.

Angelique Foran

Director and Clinical Psychologist
Supported Minds Psychology

Supported Minds Psychology services include:

$20 off individual psychology appointments
Individual therapy for adults, children and adolescents. Members save $20 on individual session rates. Call Supported Minds Psychology for a quote.

10% off learning and psychological assessments for all ages
Including assessments for Autism, dyslexia and behavioural disorders for all ages, and ADHD assessments for adults. Members save 10% on an assessment.

Priority access in response to your feedback

In a member survey in 2021, 29% of members told us that someone in their family is likely to want to see a psychologist in the next year, and would value Health Partners’ support in seeing one sooner.

So to support the mental health of our members, we have formed a partnership with Supported Minds psychology to provide you with priority access to exclusively reserved appointments to better enable timely support.

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