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Your guide to emergency ambulance cover in South Australia

Posted: Jul 01 2021

Did you know that emergency transport or other ambulance services are not covered by Medicare in South Australia? South Australia operates a 'user-pays' ambulance service, which means treatment and transport costs are billed to the patient receiving care^. The last thing you want to worry about in an emergency is the cost of transport. For this reason, it is important to understand what ambulance services are covered through your private health insurance, and that you are aware of the options and associated costs.

Ambulance Image

South Australia, like most other states and territories, operates a ‘user-pays’ system. The cost of an emergency ambulance transport call-out is a hefty $1,064 per trip. You’ll also be charged $6.10 per kilometre travelled. If you’re not located in South Australia, check your state government Ambulance Cover arrangements. If you're not located in South Australia, you can check your state government Ambulance Cover arrangements here.

The table below breaks down the ambulance call-out costs in SA.

SA Ambulance Call Out Fees
Emergency call out*$1,064
Non-Emergency transfer (i.e hospital transfer)*$237
Treat no Transport (flat rate)$237
*Plus Kilometre charges$6.10

SA Ambulance Service, 2022

How can I avoid emergency ambulance costs?

There are two ways to avoid being stuck covering the cost of emergency ambulance fees in South Australia – with an SA Ambulance Cover subscription or private health insurance.

A standard ambulance subscription, issued by SA Ambulance Service, costs $90.00 per year for SA-only coverage and $106.40 for Australia-wide coverage for a single person.

Pension rates are also available for those holding an appropriate pensioner concession card.

SA Ambulance Cover Rates

Standard CoverStandard Plus Interstate
Pensioner Family$108.00$140.50
Pensioner Single$54.50$70.90

SA Ambulance Service, 2021

What about my health cover?

The second path to emergency ambulance cover is through a private health fund, however, it’s critical that you check with your health fund to confirm it’s included. It is a good idea to check the terms and conditions regarding your chosen type of cover so that you’re not caught out with any unexpected costs when it’s time to claim.

All available Health Partners Extras policies, offer 100% back on Australia-wide emergency ambulance cover. This provides you with at least one road and air emergency ambulance claim per year (limits may apply).

Alternatively, all Health Partners Hospital policies offer unlimited emergency ambulance (excludes closed products). This provides Australia-wide coverage for both road and air services, giving you peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of an emergency.

Some important questions to consider when purchasing ambulance cover

  • Will I be covered when travelling interstate?
  • Am I covered only for emergency call-outs, or for non-emergency call-outs as well? How is an ’emergency’ defined?
  • Will I be covered for the ambulance ‘call-out’ fee if I need ambulance treatment but do not require transportation?
  • Is there a waiting period required before I can make a claim?
  • What types of ambulance transport will I be covered for, for example, air and road services?

Why should I choose health insurance for emergency ambulance?

If you take out Hospital or Extras cover with Health Partners, you will be covered in full for ambulance services that are deemed or classed an ‘emergency’. This means:

  • Cover for the full cost of an emergency ambulance call-out, limits may apply depending on your level of cover.
  • Australia-wide coverage by road or air, for emergency services required on medical grounds.

Not only will you be covered for emergency ambulance Australia-wide but having Extras cover helps pay for the cost of staying healthy. This is especially the case if you’re likely to use other Extras benefits, like visiting a dentist for your annual dental check-up.

Health Partners entry-level ‘Base Extras’ cover is available from $242.62 a year(1). This affordable option offers 100% back on a dental check-up and clean (including 2 x-rays), 100% back on your optical limit and 100% back on a physio visit.

With a routine annual dental check-up and x-rays setting you back over $2502(2), Base Extras could work for you! Click here for more information and a personalised quote.

Hospital cover including emergency ambulance

Alternatively, Health Partners offer five levels of Hospital cover to suit every life stage, from Basic Hospital Plus to Gold Hospital Complete, our top cover with no clinical category hospital exclusions. All of Health Partners hospital covers include unlimited emergency ambulance cover.

This means you will be covered in full if you call for an emergency ambulance. If you’re looking for affordable cover for accidents, unlimited emergency ambulance and basic hospital services, you may consider Basic Hospital Plus from $831.54 a year(3). Refer to the individual cover details and Health Partners member guide for more information.

  • Cover for service deemed by the ambulance provider as an ‘emergency’.
  • Australia-wide coverage by road or air.
  • Service required on medical grounds (this excludes clinic-car type transport).


1 Price shown is for customers under 65, eligible for the base tier Australian Government Rebate, no Lifetime Health Cover Loading and incorporates the 3% direct debit discount and 10% youth discount.

2 2019 Australian Dental Association ‘Dental Fees Survey Australia 2019’ – Mean Australian fees for routine check-up, clean and x-rays (012 Oral Exam – periodic – $58; 114 Calculus removal – $120; 2 x 022 X-Ray – per film $44 – $88)

3 Price shown is for customers under 65, eligible for the base tier Australian Government Rebate, no Lifetime Health Cover Loading and incorporates the 3% direct debit discount, 10% youth discount and $750 Excess.

Posted: Jul 01 2021


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