Stressed? It might be affecting your teeth.

Posted: Jan 19 2021

Many of us have experienced increased levels of stress in our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic – whether it be due to health-related anxiety, uncertainty, job insecurity, missing loved ones or general burn out.

Can stress cause teeth grinding?

Stress can cause jaw clenching and teeth grinding, often occurring subconsciously or while we sleep. Other causes include prolonged periods of intense mental concentration, physical illness or certain medications.

Signs you may be clenching or grinding your teeth:

  • Headache especially temporal headache, jaw joint or ear pain
  • Sensitive teeth, especially upon waking
  • Pain or tenderness in your neck or shoulders
  • Tooth indentations on your tongue or cheek.

Treatment options for teeth grinding

  • Stretching - ask your Health Partners Dentist for more information on TMJ stretching exercises
  • Anti-inflammatory pain relief
  • Stress management techniques or seeking support related to stress or anxiety
  • Using a custom-fitted nightguard.

Nightguards at Health Partners Dental

How does it work?

Wearing a nightguard while you sleep can help ease your pain and protect your teeth from damage done by grinding and clenching.

How’s it fitted?

Your Health Partners Dentist will:

  1. Examine your teeth and determine if a nightguard is the best solution for you.
  2. Take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and bite to create the nightguard.
  3. Book a follow-up appointment to provide you with your nightguard and check it fits correctly.

Click here for more info on nightguards.

Finding support

If you are experiencing stress or anxiety and you need some extra support, seeing your GP or a mental health professional can be a helpful place to start. There are also a range of free resources and support available online, via text or phone call to suit your needs.

Visit our Mental Health Support Hub

Posted: Jan 19 2021


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