See the difference with multifocal lenses

What are multifocal lenses?

Multifocal lenses (also called progressive lenses) combine multiple prescriptions in vision zones within one lens, whereas single vision lenses only have one distance vision zone.

Not all multifocal lenses are built equally.

If you’ve been noticing distorted or blurred vision when looking between different distances, then you may be interested in a newer high-performance lens on the market.

The most common multifocal lens product on the market are a “standard” level, which were designed decades ago. They are a great option giving you ‘3 pairs in 1’ instead of carrying separate reading glasses or struggling with just 1 pair.

If you haven’t heard of high-performance multifocal lenses, you’re not alone.

Our customers often tell us they didn’t know that there were different lens options available for multifocals. Newer lenses use the latest technology to create more seamless vision between distances, and address some of the frustrations that some multifocal wearers have experienced with standard lenses.

Member road test

We invited three Health Partners members to road test high performance multifocal lenses, after wearing standard multifocal lenses for years.

What our members had to say:

  • Kathy, Health Partners member

  • Dean, Health Partners member

  • Mary, Health Partners member

Had you heard of high-performance multifocal lenses?

“I didn’t realise there were other kinds of lenses.” - Mary

“I had no idea. I thought lenses were lenses.” – Kathy

“I had tried a few different lenses in the past, it does take some getting used to, wearing multifocals.” - Dean

After 2 months of wearing the high-performance multifocal lenses:

What differences did you see?

“I can say with confidence they are the best multifocals I have ever worn. I noticed less distortion when going down stairs, and watching my son’s basketball games.” - Dean

“I love reading and I’ve found that I can read for longer without moving my head so much, and it’s also easier to check mirrors while driving.” - Mary

“Absolutely fantastic from the minute you put them on. They are great, very clear, wide vision range… it feels like I am not even wearing glasses.” – Kathy

Are they worth the investment?

“I would never ever go back to standard lenses. I have to wear these every day, so it benefits me to wear the best that’s available.” - Mary

“Even though they cost a little bit more, they are well worth the extra cost” – Kathy

“I’ve tried over the years varying sorts, and I’ve got to say these are the best ones I’ve had.” - Dean

Ask us about multifocal lenses

Adjusting to multifocal lenses can take time, and you should feel comfortable in around 2-4 weeks with continuous wearing. If you have any concerns, contact us as soon as possible so we can help.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied, so if the lenses are not quite right within the first 3 months, we’ll exchange or refund them for you.

Call 1300 115 115 to book an eye test today.

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If you’re interested in trying multifocal lenses, chat to our friendly team in store.

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