Benefits of transition lenses

Posted: Mar 22 2021

Eye technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning comfort, convenience and care are all at your fingertips. Transition lenses are one of these very convenient inventions that glasses wearers can really benefit from.

To learn more about Transition lenses we have a chat to Health Partners Optometrist, Anh Phan.

What are Transition lenses?

Transition lenses, also known as Photochromic lenses, are specially designed to darken when you’re in the sunlight and then lighten once you’re indoors.

It’s assumed that these lenses will darken even in filtered or artificial light, but that’s not the case. This chemical reaction only happens when they’re exposed to UV light.

Anh says this tint on the lenses helps to reduce the sunlight as sunglasses would, and they provide UV protection for your eyes.

Who would suit Transition lenses?

If it bothers you having to switch between your glasses and sunglasses each time you go in and out of the sun, these lenses will be a game changer for you.

Anh says, “Office workers for example who come out to grab their lunch in the city, they won’t need to remember their sunglasses.”

It’s been suggested too, that children are great candidates for Transition lenses. Most children spend a lot of time outdoors where they’re exposed to harsh UV rays. These rays penetrate their young, developing eyes which can cause potential damage.

However, anyone could really benefit from this convenient added sun protection in their daily glasses.

A modern twist to the traditional Transition lens

When the lenses were first introduced decades ago, there was only one option, for the lenses to darken to a grey tone. They are now available in an array of lens colours.

“The Transitions can darken with colours like sapphire blue and amber red and it can actually be quite a modern feature to have them matching your frames. This is making it more appealing to the younger demographic,” Anh says.

With multiple lens colours available you can tailor your sunnies to suit your lifestyle.

Grey – ideal for Golf, Motorcycling and Driving

  • Great if you’re light sensitive or spending extended periods of time in bright sunlight.
  • Maintain truer colour vision.

Amber – ideal for Fishing and Driving

  • Enhances your vision by providing crisper contrasts that help you to make out shapes more clearly.

Yellow – ideal for Cycling and Driving

  • Assist vision in overcast, foggy or other low light situations.
  • Provides high contrast and depth perception.

Benefits of Transition lenses

  • Convenience – You can use these glasses whether you’re indoors or outside.
  • Saves you money – There won’t be a need to buy prescription sunglasses.
  • UV protection – Your sunglasses are now your regular glasses, there’s no more forgetting your sunglasses while you’re outside.
  • Easy to keep track of – You’ve only got the one pair of glasses to take care of, so you’re less likely to be wasting time looking for your different pairs of glasses.
  • Lots of styles and colours –You’re not limited to a particular look.

Do you think transition lenses are right for you?

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Posted: Mar 22 2021


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