Power of positive affirmations and how to create your own

Written by Sarah Davies

Registered Psychologist

You’ve probably heard about the power of positive thinking. But, have you considered how affirmations could actually improve your life? According to Sarah Davies, Registered Psychologist, the possibilities are endless. So, what are the steps to finding an affirmation and making it powerful for you?

Step 1: What is an affirmation and why do you want one

Sarah says that there are many different examples of affirmations, and they work best when they are personal and meaningful to you.

“Affirmations are simple yet incredibly powerful sentences which, when repeated often enough, can help us to assess and reconnect with our personal values in life and help us fulfill our potential,” Sarah says.

“Practicing affirmations can help to shift your mindset to a glass half-full mentality, as well as boosting your problem-solving skills - making you more aware and focused on what you value and really want in your life.”

Step 2: Creating your own affirmation

Sarah says affirmations can help to replace any unhelpful statements you carry with you, with the truth of who you really are.

“I’ve been a practicing psychologist for over 15 years, and it is disheartening to witness so many people who have developed inaccurate and unhelpful core beliefs about themselves, such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m faulty and unlovable’,” Sarah says.

“These thoughts can be turned around to ‘I am enough just as I am (I was born worthy and do not need to earn it)’ and ‘I am loveable just as I am (flaws and all)’.”

Some other examples of positive affirmations include:

  • I accept and love myself thoroughly and completely.
  • My body is amazing just the way it is, and I accept myself this way.
  • Whenever I fall, I get back up.
  • I am unique and beautiful.
  • As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
  • My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy.

Step 3: Practice daily for best results

Although it might feel strange to begin with, once you have chosen an affirmation that resonates with you at this stage of your life, you will need to repeat it to yourself regularly for it to be effective.

Each morning you have a clean slate and a great opportunity to connect with your chosen affirmation.

To practice your affirmation:

  1. Take a deep breathe through your nose, drawing it right down into your diaphragm so you become centered and relaxed.
  2. Place your hand on your heart while repeating each affirmation 10 times (say it out loud for real impact).
  3. Really focus on the words as you recite them. As you say the words, believe them to be true.

Step 4: Practice daily so it becomes a habit

Sarah says consistent practice helps to ensure these empowering affirmations have a deep impact on the conscious and subconscious mind.

“As with all practice and repetition, these affirmations will become more familiar and your subconscious mind will accept them as true,” Sarah says.

Some tips to remind yourself to do your affirmations include:

  • Put a note on the bathroom mirror so you repeat them before hopping in the shower.
  • Add a sticky note at your workstation to read aloud each day.
  • Change your phone screensaver to your favorite affirmation.
  • Make your new password your affirmation, so you type it and think about it regularly.

Affirmations allow you to make a consistent and conscious choice to think thoughts that make you feel good. In just a few steps you can create a daily practice that anchors your wellbeing with mindfulness and positivity and can improve your mood.

For further reading Sarah suggests:

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by Lisa Messenger

The Power of Intention
by Wayne Dyer

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by Louise Hay

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Posted: Jan 10 2022


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