Ways your extras cover can help during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a host of new and exciting feelings and changes, and some not-so-glamorous realities. To feel your best and keep taking care of your health, there are benefits that you can take advantage of as a Health Partners member and using your extras cover.

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Physio treatment for bodily aches and pains

Pregnancy brings many changes to the body, some more uncomfortable than others. Physio treatment can help you to stretch out and treat any sore or tired muscles which may be causing you pain. Your physio can also help you with exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, which is put under a lot of strain during pregnancy and childbirth. Find your nearest participating physio >

Relax with a remedial massage

Take some time out for yourself and relax with a remedial massage. It’s important to ensure your massage therapist is trained in pregnancy massage and recommended you consult with your doctor beforehand, especially if you are in your first trimester, are experiencing nausea or vomiting, or have a high-risk pregnancy.1 There are a number of benefits for pregnancy that massage can help with, provided it is suitable for your situation, including reducing stress and anxiety, loosening aching muscles, and improving mood and sleep.2

Gym and fitness programs

If your health professional has recommended a gym or fitness program during your pregnancy and it’s deemed medically necessary, you may be able to claim this on your Extras cover. Find out more >

If you’re not eligible to claim, you can still access great discounts for a range of gym and health programs through your Member Discounts.

Visit your dentist

It is still safe to visit your dentist while you’re pregnant, in fact it’s recommended.3 One of the lesser-known changes that pregnancy brings is an increased susceptibility to gum disease. This is due to hormonal changes and can make your gums more vulnerable to plaque, which can cause inflammation and bleeding.4 To keep check of this, visit your dentist during your pregnancy. It’s also a great idea to have your check-ups up to date before you get busy with a new baby. Request an appointment >

Take care of your mental wellbeing with psychology

The major physical changes that pregnancy brings can also be matched by the major mental and emotional changes that come with it. Understandably, this can be an overwhelming time for some, so it is not unusual to feel anxious. Don’t go at it alone. Talking with a psychologist about these feelings can help and arm you with techniques and exercises to practice. Your GP will also be able to assist and offer a referral as necessary.

Save 20% on baby care products at the pharmacy

Taking care of your body and preparing to take care of your baby, often involves many trips to the pharmacy. Members with extras cover can receive 20% off at participating pharmacies on non-prescription items such as pain and nausea relief, supplements, heat packs, foot balms and baby care products. Find your nearest participating pharmacy >

Diet and nutrition

Your body runs on the food you put in, and the nutrients and minerals you absorb are even more important when you are growing a baby. If you are wanting some personalised advice on what to eat and when, speaking to a nutritionist can help. They can offer you personalised, practical information to help you maintain your health and bring you peace of mind.

Member discounts

Health Partners members have access to a wide range of discounts on health, fitness, wellbeing and experiences to help you take care of your body and mind. Find out more >

For more information about what’s included on your level of cover refer to your individual cover details or call us on 1300 113 113.

Terms and conditions, waiting periods and limits apply.

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Posted: Aug 03 2022


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