How to choose the best Health Insurance for singles

Posted: Dec 15 2022

Like most people, you likely do your best to stay healthy, but every now and then, you may still find yourself in need of medical care. Whether your seeking preventative care for common services and treatments like dental check-ups or optical visits or require cover for costs related to hospital admissions not covered by Medicare. As an independent person, having the best health insurance for singles can help you avoid or reduce costs that come with seeking medical care or treatment.

Picking the best Health Insurance for singles

Once you decide to get health insurance for yourself, you should consider a few different factors to make sure you find the most appropriate coverage for your needs at an affordable price.

Getting Extras cover

You should think about all of the services you may want to have as part of your health care plan. Consider whether you require coverage for common services like dental, optical or physiotherapy.

Getting Hospital cover

You will also need to decide if you want to elect hospital cover when you compare the best health insurance for singles. Hospital cover can help manage the costs associated with treatment as a private patient in hospital. Depending on the type of treatments you may want to be covered for will determine the type of policy you should opt for.


People over the age of 30 may have to pay Lifetime Health Cover Loading if they don’t get hospital cover and maintain it before a certain age (Lifetime Health Cover, n.d.).

You may also face a Medicare Levy Surcharge if your income is above a certain amount but you don’t maintain private insurance. These charges are meant to encourage people to maintain health coverage in order to reduce the burden on the public health care system (Medicare Levy Surcharge, n.d.).

Future plans

It’s important to make sure whatever plan you get will work for you now and in the future. You may plan to have children in the near future, get married or change careers that could change your current situation and level of cover you might require (Best Health Insurance for Young and Healthy Singles and Couples, 2022). All of these factors will impact the types of coverage you need and which plans will be best for you.

Getting the best Health Insurance for singles

It may seem like an easy option to just skip private health insurance if you are young and healthy, but it can be beneficial to be covered for when the unexpected may arise. Getting the protection you need can give you confidence knowing your covered for treatment or services when you need it, reduce the worry about unexpected medical costs, long public waiting lists and preventative care. If you’re ready to find the best health insurance for singles, check out Health Partners for a quote.


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Posted: Dec 15 2022


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