5 reasons to eat more seafood from a dietitian

Written by Lauren Campestre

Dietitian, Sprout Food Group

Prawns, oysters, tuna, crab…we’ve got it all! In Australia, seafood is ingrained in our cultural identity, which reflects the beautifully diverse marine ecosystems that surround our country. With an abundance of seafood at our fingertips, it's only right to cast a spotlight on it and tell you five things we as dietitian’s love about seafood here at Sprout Health Studio, and why you should incorporate more into your diet.

The health benefits (of course!)

Rich in high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals, seafood is a nutrient-dense option that supports overall health and wellbeing. However, it's the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna that truly set seafood apart.

These essential fatty acids can aid in:

  • reducing the risk of heart disease1,
  • lowering triglyceride levels2,
  • enhancing brain function & health3,
  • improving mental health conditions3,
  • reducing inflammation throughout the body4,5, and
  • reducing joint pain5

Additionally, seafood contains minerals such as zinc, iodine, and selenium, along with B-vitamins which contribute to the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

2. Versatility

Seafood is remarkably versatile, adapting to various cuisines and flavours easily. Whether grilled, delicately poached, or incorporated into vibrant salads and stir-fries, seafood cancater to diverse tastes and preferences. From casual gatherings to sophisticated dining experiences, its ability to shine in an array of dishes makes seafood an adaptable and crowd-pleasing choice.

3. Quick and easy preparation

One of the best qualities of seafood is it’s quick and easy preparation. With most varieties requiring minimal cooking time, seafood is a time-saving option in the kitchen. It’s natural flavours, ranging from the delicate sweetness of prawns to the richness of salmon, often need little more than a sprinkle of herbs or a squeeze of lemon to elevate them. This makes seafood a go-to option for those seeking delicious, hassle-free meals without compromising on taste.

4. There’s something for everyone and every occasion

Whether you’re grabbing a convenient can of tuna for lunch or selecting the perfect crayfish for your next dinner party, seafood can cater to everyone and every occasion. Regardless of your budget or local supermarket, the vast array of seafood ensures that everyone can enjoy a taste of the sea.

5. Sustainable choices

Australian seafood not only is delicious, but allows us to make conscientious, sustainable choices. The abundance of options, from MSC-certified fisheries to locally sourced varieties, allows consumers to align their seafood preferences with eco-friendly practices. Whether opting for responsibly caught wild fish or supporting ethical aquaculture, each choice becomes a step towards a more sustainable future. For more information, check out the Sustainable Seafood Guide on Good Fish.

With its rich nutritional profile, versatility, and quick preparation, it's no wonder Australians love seafood!

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Posted: Mar 07 2024


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