Our recruitment process

What happens once you have applied for a role with Health Partners and have submitted your application?

Your application will be acknowledged within 24 hours of Health Partners receiving it.

What’s next?

Applications are assessed and any applications not progressing will receive email advice.

One of our team will be back in contact with shortlisted applicants generally within the week and undertake an initial quick phone screen with you.

If your circumstances change in that time (such as being successful in securing another role or you are going away) you are welcome to contact us via careers@healthpartners.com.au to let us know.

If you are shortlisted for interview, we will contact you to arrange this. If you are unsuccessful in reaching the interview phase, we will call you to advise and also confirm this via email.

I have an interview – what should I expect?

In the first interview you will most likely meet with the Talent Acquisition Adviser. For the first interview, you can expect to be asked a range of behaviourally based questions where you will need to demonstrate the skills and experience that qualify you for the role. This will like take around 45 minutes.

What does a second interview look like at Health Partners?

If you are shortlisted to a second interview, this will generally be with two Health Partners team members, likely to be the Manager and a peer. You can expect this conversation to be more technical in nature and will require you to draw on your previous work experience to provide practical examples that help you demonstrate and answer the questions asked. This interview will also give you an opportunity to understand life at Health Partners. This interview is likely to be around 45 minutes also.

Pre-employment screening

You will be required to provide at least two referees. These will need to be people you have reported to or those who have been key stakeholders in your previous roles – not colleagues - and they will need to be recent so within the last two years.

If applicable, your qualifications will be verified and you will also need to provide physical proof of your eligibility to work in Australia. You will also need a police check and dependent upon your role, a Working with Children Check may also be required.


If you successfully satisfy the reference checking process, we will make a verbal offer over the phone followed by a written offer of employment via our Onboarding system.

If you are unsuccessful at any stage

Health Partners appreciates the time and effort it takes to prepare and submit your application with us which is why we are a Circle Back Initiative employer and are committed to reviewing and responding to every candidate.

We want all our candidates to have a positive experience throughout our recruitment process and we respect each person we have contact with.

If you have not secured an interview, we appreciate this can be hard. We can at times receive hundreds of applications for roles and as a result, the vast majority of those who apply, don’t make it through to interview stage.

If you are not shortlisted for an initial phone screen, we will advise you via email.

If we have conducted a phone screen or met with you face to face, we will always call you to advise if your application is not progressing and confirm via email.

If your application is not progressing at any stage during our process, you are welcome to apply again in the future or have your application retained on file for any other roles we advertise that may be of interest to you.

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