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At Health Partners, we are committed to creating a great employee experience that supports your career and professional development for you to deliver on your potential.

This is what you can expect when you begin your journey with Health Partners.


Health Partners has skilled recruiters to ensure your experience with us is best practice through a structured and transparent approach to recruitment.

Our recruitment and selection policy requires that all vacancies outside of our talent and succession management plan are advertised internally and through external sources. This ensures fairness throughout the process and creates the best talent pool with the appropriate skillset for the position and Health Partners.

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Just as you will have your own personal beliefs, our company behaviours are the beliefs that guide how we act when we are at work.

Behaviours assist us to focus and make the right decisions as a business. They shape our culture and provide a framework for behavioural expectations for our people whilst guiding our recruitment and career decisions. They also support and help us fulfil our vision, purpose and values.

Our behaviours are at the heart of everything we do. These behaviours influence the way we interact with each other and drive our members’ experience.

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Learning and development

We offer a range of in-house and external development opportunities supporting you throughout all the stages of your career from on-boarding and upskilling to professional and leadership development.

Onboarding & upskilling

We are committed to delivering the best possible learning experience when we onboard our new team members or when they upskill to new roles.

We are currently redesigning learning experiences for all our people through our digital learning platform with a blended learning approach that puts you in charge of when, where and how you grow your capability. We can design pathways tailored and relevant for your role through a combination of modules that focus on our products, processes, systems, acumen, customers and risks.

Professional development

We know our people are busy and their time is valuable, so we offer a range of virtual and self-paced learning options. Our digital learning platform provides access to our content libraries with a wealth of information to enable you to deliver on your potential.

Employee benefits

Every Health Partners employee contributes to our success!

We know that our employees value meaningful work where they are able to develop and grow professionally and are able to balance their work and personal needs through flexible working arrangements where available.

We offer a range of in-house and external personal and professional development courses and resources for all employees which is supported through formalised study programs. We also offer employees various health assessments.

Our employees also receive an allowance on our health fund products and are also supported through paid parental leave.

Employee engagement

We are committed to frequently checking in with our people to understand how they are feeling about working at Health Partners what we can do to improve their personal engagement with us through our annual ‘peoplematter’ survey. The leadership team listen to the feedback and respond with an action plan to strengthen our culture and engagement at Health Partners.

Individual business units and teams also identify their specific priorities. Regular pulse checks and continuous improvement discussions are conducted at the team level to track and improve culture and engagement.

Flexible working arrangements

Health Partners is committed to supporting flexible work arrangements for employees as a means to achieving genuine work life balance and ensuring our employees remain engaged and productive. There are different types of flexible arrangements including hours of work and base location and the flexibility to work from home if this is suitable. The key is to find the arrangement that best suits the employee and Health Partners.

Employee assistance program

Through our partner provider, Health Partners supports all employees with access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a confidential, free and voluntary short-term counselling service to assist employees to resolve or better manage work or personal problems which may be affecting their well-being and performance.

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce

We believe a diverse workforce is critical to enable us to respond appropriately to the needs of our customers and the communities we work in. A diverse workforce contributes to broader thinking and creates an environment where everyone feels included and valued – a key contributor to engagement. We are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment, where our people are respectful and can be their true self at work.

We will continue to explore initiatives to improve our practices by regularly seeking feedback through internal surveys and by participating in external forums.

Wellbeing and Work Health & Safety

Our Work Health & Safety (WHS) charter takes into consideration all relevant legislative obligations and our own requirements throughout our business.

Our objective is to maintain a safe system of work for all workers and to deliver sustainable WHS performance improvements that enhance the wellbeing of our people, our members and our customers.

Our commitment to WHS is supported through the delivery of a comprehensive workplace health and safety program. Some of our initiatives include:

  • physical ‘health checks’ for all our branches
  • delivery of mental health training for our leaders to ensure a proactive approach to the wellbeing of their team members
  • ergonomic design standards across our corporate office and locations; and
  • a framework to ensure WHS standards are maintained for employees who may be working from home.

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