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Why are people choosing to go private for their pregnancy?

We have a chat to registered midwife, Donna Mansell, about the benefits you can expect when having your baby in a private hospital.

Why are people getting Hospital Cover?

The reasons for choosing Hospital Cover can be varied, however there are a few common trends that are motivating people to take out cover, even when they have access to a good public health system.

How to use extras cover today

How you can continue looking after your health and wellbeing with your extras cover.

Health Insurance

Explore our range of affordable Hospital and Extras cover options with generous benefits for members.

Understanding Private Health Insurance

Answers to all the most common questions about Private Health Insurance, including the types of cover on offer, waiting periods, government rebates and more.

Corporate Health Insurance

Could it be asthma?

In Australia, around 1 in 9 people (11%) will suffer from the disorder, and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the rate is even higher at around 18%*.

Supporting a friend with cancer

When a friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer it’s only natural that you want to do something to help out.

Self-breast checks

Did you know nine in 10 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease? And it’s the most common cancer in women after non-malignant skin cancer.

Are you at risk of a heart attack?

Your heart is one of the most amazing pieces of equipment in your body. But, if we continually put additional pressure on the heart, there can be serious consequences.

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