Introducing KALEOS

Now in-store at Health Partners Optical.

KALEOS is the newest boutique brand on offer at Health Partners Optical. A contemporary eyewear brand with a special focus on shape.

Committed to creating beautiful pieces, the brand reflects a never-ending journey of finding beauty in all kinds of frame shapes. KALEOS never loses sight of all the details, angles and form.

  • Spencer
    Members Pay $141*
    RRP $470

  • Faye
    Members Pay $141*

    RRP $470

  • Gould
    Members Pay $126
    RRP $420

  • Grayson
    Members Pay $238*

    RRP $339

  • Mindy
    Members Pay $251.30
    RRP $359

  • Pollitt
    Members Pay $209.30
    RRP $299

*Unless otherwise stated, “Members Pay” pricing is the frame price only when purchased as a complete pair of prescription glasses (including lenses) based on Top Extras cover at Health Partners Optical stores with full annual limits available and rounded to the nearest dollar. Prescription lenses price not included in “Members Pay” pricing and can be added from $100. No further member discounts apply. Not all prescriptions may be suitable. Styles and availability may vary from store-to-store. Limits and waiting periods may apply. See individual cover details for more information.

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