Health Insurance Fraud

At Health Partners we are committed to ensuring that your premiums are reinvested in the health fund so that you receive the highest possible benefits. Our ability to do this is compromised by acts of fraudulent claiming. To minimise loss from fraud, Health Partners is proactive in investigating suspected fraudulent activities. And there are ways you can help too.

What is Health Insurance Fraud?

Health Insurance fraud is when a health service provider charges members inappropriately for services rendered. For example they may add services that were never provided onto a bill, or alter the service a member is claiming for so the benefit paid to the provider is more favourable.

What action is Health Partners taking?

Health Partners’ team of staff are trained to identify possible fraudulent claims and evidence of wrongdoing. We investigate all suspected instances of fraud and monitor all claiming activity. Our objective is to detect where fraud has occurred, recover monies lost and stop it from happening again.

What can you do to help prevent fraud?

There are a number of things you can do to help:

  • Check your accounts/receipts to make sure that the services, service dates and fees listed are correct.
  • Check your Claims History with Health Partners. You can do this electronically by accessing Members Online at, or call us.
  • Reporting your lost or misplaced membership card to Health Partners (we will quickly arrange a replacement for you).
  • Keeping your membership card secure and with you at all times. Fraud occurs most often when the card isn’t in your possession, so don’t leave it with your provider or anyone else.
  • Reporting to Health Partners anything that appears to be suspicious.

How to report fraud

Click here to report suspicious activity by a provider, such as charging for services that weren't provided.

For member fraud, such as receiving healthcare under a false name, use our member fraud reporting form.

You can also call us on 1300 113 113 to report any suspected instances of fraud.

Be assured that any information you provide will be handled confidentially. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

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