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As a not-for-profit health fund, we do everything we can to give you the best value and most affordable cover

Keeping premium increases down

With no obligation to shareholders, we can focus on what really matters – keeping our premiums increases to a minimum to improve the affordably and value of private health insurance for our members.

The adjustment to your premiums may be below or above the average, depending on the cover you have. This is because we adjust rates relative to the costs associated with providing each individual policy.

Health Partners’ average premium increase in 2020 was the second lowest in the country for all open health funds.

A look at why premiums go up

With health inflation sitting at around 3.1% per annum and well above general inflation (1.7% in Dec 2019), health funds are paying more for health care.

Here’s a glance at what’s contributing to higher health care costs

Ageing population

An ageing population means more and more people are using the health system, often with complex and costly medical conditions, which puts pressure on the cost of health insurance for everyone.

Percentage of Australians aged over 65

ABS 2017. Australian Demographic Statistics, Jun 2016. ABS cat. no. 3101.0. Canberra: ABS.

New medical technology

Australians have access to one of the best health systems in the world, however access to new and improved medical technology and treatment options often comes with an expensive price tag.

Advancements in medical technology mean the cost of medical treatment we pay on behalf of our members has been steadily increasing.

Hear our CEO Byron Gregory discuss the rising cost of Health Care.

Chronic conditions on the rise

Rates of chronic conditions and their associated risk factors are increasing, placing a heavy burden on health care. The prevalence of chronic conditions increases with age, and because chronic conditions are generally long-lasting, their treatment and management are needed for longer periods of an individual’s life.

Discounting for young adults

Health Partners is committed to making Hospital cover more affordable, which is why we’ve added a Youth Discount to all hospital products.

New and existing members aged 18-29 are eligible for up to 10% off their Hospital cover. This is automatically applied when calculating premiums.

Find out more about the Youth Discount.

The importance of having Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance pays for life-saving treatments, births and treatments that improve and extend your quality of life, as well as allowing you to have treatment on your terms, rather than at the mercy of public hospital wait lists.

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