Adult Children Can Stay on Parents' Health Insurance Policy Until Age 32

Posted: Feb 14 2024

With Aussies feeling the cost-of-living crunch like never-before, there’s a little-known private health insurance hack available to young adults that we want you to know about!

Award-winning private fund Health Partners now lets adult children remain on their parents’ cover until their 32nd birthday.

The change, which is available to all existing and new ‘Extended Family’ Health Partners policies from October 2023, could save young adults thousands in health insurance premiums up until their early thirties!

This shift comes as welcome news for many young singles grappling with the financial strain of securing their own health insurance coverage. With the option to stay on their parents' plan, eligible adult children can potentially save big.

The six-time Canstar award-winning fund allows dependants to remain on Family policies until they turn 32 regardless of whether they are studying or not. It’s that simple! The only requirement for children to stay on their parents’ cover is that eligible adult children must be single (not married, or living in a de facto relationship).

All new Family Extras policies include a whopping 100 per cent back on a Health Partners Dental check up, participating physio consult and prescription eyewear from Health Partners Optical (Terms and conditions apply, see individual product details for more information). Additionally, Emergency Ambulance cover is available across all current Health Partners coverage types, whether Hospital, Extras individually, or combined, ensuring comprehensive protection for policyholders nationwide.

Health Partners offer Hospital and Extras cover across Australia.

Can I stay on my parents’ health insurance?

Dependent children may remain on a Family policy provided they are:

  1. under the age of 32
  2. single (not be married or in a de facto relationship)
    Unlike some other funds, Health Partners have no additional requirements.

Be wary of some funds that require Extended Family child dependants to live in the family home or be financially independent in some way.

How much does it cost to stay on parents’ health insurance?

Extended Family cover will attract a premium loading. Get a personalised Family quote online today.

How can you save by remaining on your parents' cover?

Although Extended Family policies attract a loading, it is dwarfed by the cost of an equivalent stand-alone Adult policy. In the following example, taking out Extended Family will save almost $1,000 annually*.

In this example, John (62) and Jane (60) who have an adult child (Ben, 27), earn $185,000, and are considering switching their insurance to Health Partners. Ben, who is single and not studying full-time, earns less than $93,000 a year. He does not live at home with John and Jane.

In this scenario, John and Jane are considering taking up Silver Hospital Lite and Combined Good Extras as a family policy (incurring an Extended Family loading) against two policies (A Couple membership for John and Jane, and an additional Single policy for Ben).

Policy CompositionTotal Cost
Extended Family (John, Jane, Ben)$4,560.28 annually*
Couple (John & Jane) + Single (Ben)$5,492.15 annually*
($3,717.59 Couple + $1,774.56 Single)

* Pricing for indicative purposes only. Pricing correct as at 1 February, 2024 and is subject to change. All pricing is subject to the base Australian Government Rebate and no Lifetime Health Cover loading. The Single policy attracts a 6 per cent Health Partners Youth Discount. 3% Direct Debit discount included in all pricing.

Are there any advantages to taking out my own cover?

By taking out your own policy, you can choose the Health Partners cover that most appropriately meets your life stage and needs. This may involve lower levels of cover than your parents, which may be cheaper.

By remaining on a Family policy, you are restricted to that policy. For example, let’s say your Family’s cover is Silver Hospital Plus Lite and Combined Good Extras. If you choose to stay on your parents’ cover you would not be able to change to a lower Hospital level, which may be more appropriate to your individual circumstances and budget.

There may also be tax implications for Adult children earning over $93,000 annually. Adult dependents aged over 21 covered on a family Hospital policy and earn over income thresholds, are liable to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). To gain a MLS exemption, you would need to purchase a Hospital policy for yourself.

How do I buy Health Partners Extended Family cover?

Extended Family pricing is available on both Family and Single Parent covers at all levels, except for Basic Hospital Plus and Base Extras.

Get a personalised Family quote online today.

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Posted: Feb 14 2024


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