Why you should use a foam roller

Posted: Mar 16 2023

Whether you’ve read about the benefits or your PT has recommended it, it’s likely you’ve heard that there are a lot of great reasons to use a foam roller pre or post workout.

On the other hand, if the foam rolling trend is new to you, don’t worry. It’s only within recent years that foam rolling has entered the spotlight as a clinically proven and effective way to manage muscular pain and stiffness post-workout.*

Essentially, rolling out tight muscles using a foam cylinder is a DIY myofascial release and will help reduce muscular inflammation while improving range of motion. In fact, even as little as 3 consecutive days of foam rolling can help to improve muscle strength and performance as well as delay the onset of fatigue.*

What is myofascial release and why is it important?

Think of myofascial release like a sports massage. Releasing knots and tension while reducing inflammation within the connective tissue surrounding the muscles (i.e. fascia). Myofascial release is important for your overall muscular health (and growth) as it reduces inflammation while improving range of movement and flexibility.

Tips to get the most out of foam rolling

  • Roll out each muscular area for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Avoid the lower back.
  • Make sure to roll slowly.
  • Use a foam roller regularly (pre or post workout).

How to use a foam roller

Step one: Be clear about the muscular area you want to roll out.

Step two: Slowly lower yourself down onto the foam roller.

Step three: Release down onto the foam roller and make sure you are feeling balanced.

Step four: Slowly and steadily roll back and forth using the roller. You should feel a deep massage across the muscle area you are rolling out.

Get started with foam rolling

Congratulations on putting yourself first and making the time to roll out. Be sure to breathe deeply, let go and consciously relax your muscles to get the most out of your roll session.

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Posted: Mar 16 2023


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