4 Benefits of Choosing a Not-for-Profit Health Insurance Provider

Posted: Apr 20 2022

While Australia’s Medicare program provides universal public health insurance and private health insurance is not mandatory, approximately 13.6 million Australians carry private health insurance. Private health funds give people more options for treatment and care and often provide coverage for additional services, such as dental care, chiropractic treatment, optical services and private hospital care. Usually, you receive treatment faster with private insurance than with Medicare.

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When choosing private health insurance, you have the option to select either a for-profit or a not-for-profit health insurance provider. In the for-profit model, the insurance fund has an obligation to deliver its profits to the fund’s shareholders. The not-for-profit model does not have this same obligation. Here are four benefits of selecting a nonprofit fund for your private health insurance coverage.

1. A Not-for-Profit Health Insurance Fund Prioritizes You

For-profit insurers report to their shareholders ahead of their members. One of their primary responsibilities is to ensure they make a profit to pass on to their shareholders. Nonprofit funds do not have shareholders. Any profit they turn goes back into the company and is passed on to their members. Without an obligation to a controlling group of investors, not-for-profit funds can prioritize their members, providing more benefits with lower premiums.

2. Nonprofit Funds Offer Competitive Benefits

Many Australians purchase private health insurance for the additional flexibility, choice, and coverage it provides. With private insurance, you get access to more services from public and private health care facilities. You may think that not-for-profit health insurance providers offer fewer benefits than for-profit insurers, but they often have similar benefits. Frequently, they provide better benefits with more services because they can direct more money into improving services for their members.

3. Not-for-Profit Insurers May Have Lower Premiums

For-profit insurers establish premiums based on the services and benefits they offer and the need to turn a profit. Nonprofit insurance funds use their premiums to pay overhead costs and salaries, as well as to cover services their members use. Since they aren’t concerned with turning a profit, they may have lower premiums than a for-profit company. You can get quotes from a nonprofit insurer to determine its rates and what kinds of services and benefits it offers.

4. Not-for-Profit Health Insurance Companies May Send You Higher Rebates

Operational costs for insurers can vary from month to month and year to year. Providers must balance their incoming premiums against their outgoing costs. The company may use surplus revenue to lower the cost of premiums and offer more services. However, they may also choose to give the extra money back to their members in the form of a rebate, giving you a little extra cash in your pocket.

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Posted: Apr 20 2022


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