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We've answered some of the most common questions about your Health Partners Dental appointments and COVID-19 below.

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Health Partners Dental and COVID-19

The health and safety of our community, including our patients and staff, is our highest priority.

With increased community transmission of COVID-19, we’re putting measures in place to protect our local community and staff in our dental clinics, to make sure you can continue to access the services you need.

We are working to keep our community safe by:

  • Following all SA Health directives and guidelines, including mandatory vaccination and wearing of masks of all staff in healthcare settings.
  • Having COVID Safe plans in place in all our centres, including limiting the number of people allowed in each location.
  • Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all our staff to reduce the risk of transmission. This includes dental and optical staff being professionally fitted with hospital-grade N95 masks. Under current guidelines, the risk is reduced enough that people wearing properly fitted N95 masks are not considered close contacts, no matter the length of time or physical distance from contacts. This ensures we are able to continue to provide our services to our members during this time
  • Following increased infection control procedures, including regular cleaning of our clinical and retail spaces.

You can play your part by:

  • Keeping 1.5m distance from other people whenever possible.
  • Wearing a mask, which is mandatory, unless you have a medical exemption or one of our staff request you to remove it as part of your appointment or. If you don’t have a surgical mask we’ll provide one for you.

While close contacts are no longer required to isolate, SA Health has mandated that close contacts must not attend high risk settings, including dental clinics, for seven days after they were exposed to the positive COVID-19 case.  

If you, or your child, are close contacts, please do not attend your appointment and instead call us on 1300 114 114. We'll reschedule your appointment to the earliest possible date after the seven day period. 

If you require an urgent or emergency dental appointment, we may be able to arrange an appointment at the end of the day, with additional precautions in place to reduce risk of transmission to our staff and other patients. These appointment rooms undergo extra cleaning, so please be patient with our staff if your preferred appointment time isn’t available.

Please let our staff know if your child is a classroom contact. Depending on the type of appointment your child needs, we may make special arrangements to reduce risk of transmission to our staff and other patients. This may include special appointments at the end of the day, or in one our dedicated appointment rooms. These appointment rooms undergo extra cleaning between appointments, so please be patient with our staff if your preferred appointment time isn’t available.

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the South Australian Government has mandated masks be worn in healthcare settings. If you don’t have a mask, we’ll provide one when you arrive.

Children under 12 years of age and people with medical exemptions don’t need to wear masks in our clinics.

You can find out more about mask wearing, and exemptions on the SA Health Website.

You do need to wear your mask during your appointments. There will be times it is necessary to remove it – during your dental check-up, for example. Our staff will let you know when you need to remove your mask.

Our staff will wear PPE during your appointments to reduce risk to both you and themselves.

You can attend your appointment without a mask if you have a medical exemption. When you enter our locations without a mask, our staff will ask for proof of your exemption – this is to ensure that those who can wear a mask do so, in line with the SA Government Emergency Management (Activities—General No 3) (COVID-19) Direction 2021.

If you have proof of exemption our staff will maintain social distancing wherever possible and wear PPE, to protect both you and themselves.

You can learn more about medical mask exemptions on the SA Health Website.

To allow for social distancing and meet density requirements we ask that you arrive for your appointment alone, and no more than 15 minutes before your appointment.

Children, people who require support for physical or intellectual disability or language translation can bring one person to assist them during their appointment.

Keeping 1.5m distance from others reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

There will be times during your appointment that it isn’t possible for your provider to socially distance – during some exams and procedures, for example. Our staff will wear PPE during your appointment to reduce risk to both you and themselves.

While SA Health allows COVID-positive patients to leave isolation after 7 days, evidence shows that some people remain infectious after that period.

To best protect our patients and staff we will defer non-urgent dental appointments until 30 days after the date you were confirmed COVID-19 positive.

If you are experiencing pain or require an emergency appointment, please contact us on 1300 114 114 to discuss.


When you book and before your appointment you’ll be asked screening questions. If you feel unwell with cold or flu like symptoms we ask that you don’t attend and instead call to reschedule.

The nature of dental check-ups and procedures requires this to be face-to-face and unfortunately, it isn’t possible to provide appointments via telehealth.

We have strict measures in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and we encourage you not to delay your appointments to maintain your dental and eye health. 

Patients with cold or flu-like symptoms who have received a negative COVID-19 test can attend emergency appointments. If you haven’t received your test results we will reschedule your appointment to the earliest possible date. Increased infection controls are in place to protect staff and other patients, including thorough cleaning and PPE for our staff.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and believe you require emergency dental or optical treatment please contact us for more information.

We recognise that, even with strict measures in place, we might have cases of COVID-19 that require staff to quarantine or locations to temporarily close. If this happens our team will contact you as soon as possible and reschedule your appointments to our other locations, or the earliest possible date.

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