Patricia's Story

Wynn Vale

Catastrophes in Gawler Place
About 10 years ago I was going about my business having a simple dental checkup in the Health Partners Gawler Place dental clinic. On my arrival the receptionist advised that the dentist was sick and I needed to make another appointment. While that was disappointing I thought I would make the best of it and go into the Health Partners Optical Store in Gawler Place. I was browsing among the spectacles when the fire alarm suddenly went off. The staff advised me that they had to evacuate the store on the advice of the Fire Brigade. I walked out in a bit of a daze and walked over towards the DaCosta building on the corner of Gawler Place. Suddenly from nowhere about 10 well armed policemen rushed past me. An onlooker said they were the STAR force, apparently a diamond robbery had just happened in the top of the DaCosta building. Being a little shaken up and having no-one contactable I rang the Health Partners phone and the fellow who answered was so kind & sent me a movie pass to cheer me up.
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