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One breast and a good night's sleep.
We joined HP National Extras to use ambulance cover, chiropractor, dental, optical etc. In March 2011 my husband collapsed & was taken by ambulance to hospital. A week later I was diagnosed with an invasive & aggressive rare form of breast cancer. I received a lumpectomy to determine what I had, after 10 days, my doctor admitted me back to hospital a few days later to have a full mastectomy. My husband collapsed at the doctors (ambulance), two days later he was tested for sleep apnoea. Because I was unable to return to work this made finances difficult not only with my condition but also for my husband's. Health Partners came to the rescue. They contributed the maximum amount of $1500 towards the cost of the machine. We had ambulance bills taken care of, I have also been able to receive therapy for lymphodema using Health Partners. Over 12 months was taken up with surgeries, medical treatments, and loads of follow-up appointments. Health Partners helped ease the burden. Thank you.
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