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We proudly prescribe Crizal UV lenses, the only prescription lenses endorsed by Cancer Council. 

Most clear prescription lenses claiming UV protection only reduce the transmission of UV through the front of the lens. 

Crizal UV lenses are prescription lenses that protect your eyes from UV by reducing the amount of UV radiation reaching them from the front,through the lens, and also from behind, by minimising reflected UV rays. 

Crizal UV lenses provide you with the maximum level of UV protection available for your eyes in clear or Transitions® prescription lenses. 

Crizal UV lenses are now available at all Health Partners Optical stores with clear or Transitions® prescription lenses.

Did you know 

Up to 50% of UV radiation penetrating the eyes is reflected off the back surface of prescription glasses. Only Crizal UV prescription lenses have been developed to protect your eyes from UV from the front & back. 


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