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It can take a little while to get used to handling contact lenses — it takes practice. 

To help you get started, here are the basic steps you’ll need to take.

Before you start

  • Choose a clean, flat surface to work on. If working over a sink, put the plug in
  • Make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly

Inserting your lenses

Removing the lens from the case:

  • Use the soft tip of your index finger, not your nail, to remove the lens from its packaging
  • Make sure the lens is not damaged or inside out (edges should turn upward like a bowl)

Holding your eye open:

  • With the lens on your index finger, use your middle finger of the same hand to hold the centre of your lower lid down
  • Use your other hand to lift the upper lid up. Try and keep your other eye open

Placing the lens:

  • Look directly at the lens and gently place the lens on your cornea, or look up and place the lens on the lower part of the white of your eye
  • Look down to correctly position the lens
  • Slowly release your lower lid first and then your upper lid before gently blinking a few times to allow the lens to settle on your eye

Note: If using multi-use lenses, always insert the same lens first to avoid confusion between left and right lenses.

Removing your lenses

  • Make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly
  • Have your storage case and solution ready (if using multi-use lenses)
  • Ensure the lens is in the correct position in your eye prior to removal. Do this by covering one eye and making sure you can see clearly out of the uncovered eye
  • Looking upward, use your middle finger to hold down your lower lid
  • Place the index finger of your same hand on the centre of the lens and drag it down on to the white of your eye
  • Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the lens to remove it from your eye. Avoid using your fingernails

Cleaning and disinfecting your lenses

It is important that you clean your lenses after each use to reduce the chance of infection, unless you are using one-day disposable lenses. Contact lenses that aren’t clean provide the perfect environment for the transmission of bacteria that can lead to eye infections and potentially, loss of vision.

The good news is that cleaning your contact lenses is not difficult and takes just minutes.

5 simple steps for cleaning contact lenses

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly
  • Place one lens at a time on the palm of your hand and apply a few drops of your recommended cleaning solution to the lens
  • Gently rub the lens with your finger for about 10 seconds from edge to edge, in an up-and-down or side-to-side motion. Turn the lens over and repeat for the other side
  • Rinse the lens thoroughly with your solution to remove any debris
  • Fill your case with new solution and place your lenses inside. Close cap and allow lenses to soak for a minimum six hours for a thorough disinfection
  • Clean your case with a tissue or cotton bud weekly and replace your case every month

Tip: Always empty your lens case after each disinfection and allow the case to air dry with the lid off prior to using again.

Things to avoid

  • Using incorrect solutions like saliva, tap water or saline to clean your lenses
  • Storing your uncovered lenses near lotions, soaps, creams and aerosols such as hairspray and perfume, or in a warm place such as a window sill or car
  • Sharing your contact lenses
  • Sleeping with your contact lenses in (unless specifically directed by your optometrist)
  • Using lenses, solutions and cases past their use-by-date
  • Avoid wearing your contact lenses if:
    • you’re experiencing redness, soreness or disturbed vision
    • the lenses are damaged or dirty
    • you’re experiencing any irritation to your eyes
    • you’re in excessively dry or smoky environments
    • you’re suffering from a severe cold or influenza
    • Using medicated eye drops on your lenses without consulting with your optometrist
  • Wearing contact lenses when swimming (unless wearing goggles) as you increase the risk of infection
  • Wearing contact lenses longer than recommended

Your contact lens checklist

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly prior to inserting and removing your lens
  • Disinfect/clean your lenses as recommended by your optometrist
  • Replace your lenses as recommended by your optometrist
  • Discontinue use if experiencing blurry vision, redness or discomfort of the eye and visit your optometrist
  • Always have a current pair of prescription glasses on hand
  • Visit your optometrist for an eye examination every 12 months

If you experience any discomfort, pain or vision impairment when wearing your contact lenses, discontinue use immediately and contact your Health Partners optometrist.


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