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We're giving selected members the chance to see the difference in our multifocal lenses for FREE.

Simply fill in the form below to register your interest in our multifocal road test.


We want to hear about your experience wearing high-performance multifocal lenses. That's why Health Partners Optical is inviting selected members to road test high-performance multifocal lenses and provide feedback on their experience which may be used for promotional purposes. Selected members who successfully complete the road test and provided Health Partners with feedback will receive a complimentary frame from our Low Gap range and Essilor high-performance multifocal lenses.

Filming will be conducted on the following dates:

  • Morning of Saturday 3 July 2021 - your collection of glasses
  • Morning of Saturday 17 July 2021 - share your road test experience of wearing them for 2 weeks

Please note: only shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Health Partners Optical.

You can read more about high-performance multi-focal lenses, or see FAQs about the road test below.

Do you have a valid optical prescription (within the last 12 months)? *
If no, are you available for an eye test between 26th May and 9 June 2021?
Are you available on 3 July to collect the new glasses, and to participate in a video interview on both 3 July and 17 July 2021? *
Where did you purchase your current pair of multifocal lenses? *
Have you experienced any of the below issues with your current multifocal lenses? *
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Thank you for your submission

The information you provide here and during the road test will be used only for the purposes of selecting participants in the road test and creating educational and promotional materials and will be held in accordance with our privacy policy.

Selected members can choose to pay extra to upgrade to any frame in stock in store if preferred instead of the No Gap/Low Gap range, less $99 (being the value of frames from the No Gap/Low Gap). Additional lens coatings can be purchased.

Health Partners Optical “See the Difference” Road Test Questions & Answers

We are keen to find out what our members think of our customised high performance multifocal lenses through a road test approach. The road test will require members to road test or use a Health Partners provided frame (No Gap/Low Gap range) with the high performance multifocal lenses (to the member’s prescription) over a period of two weeks and provide feedback on their experience. Participants will also be asked & expected to participate in a video discussing their experiences.

  • Members will be asked to register their interest in the road test via the online form (above)
  • HP will shortlist based on the criteria below
  • Successful members will be contacted to ask whether they would like to confirm they meet the criteria and conditions of participating in the road test, including all of the filming dates.

  • Each member will receive a custom designed pair of high performance multifocal lenses in your choice of frames from a selection (No Gap/Low Gap range) in-store. Members will wear these frames for a designated period of two weeks and then provide feedback on the experience. Videos of each member will be taken in-store at a designated time.

    • We will call you to arrange a time to come into the store for an eye test if you do not have a valid script
    • From your script, we will take you through the process of choosing a frame and lens that best suits you, your lifestyle and vision requirements
    • Once your glasses are ready, you will be invited to collect and fit your frames at our Pirie Street store
    • We then ask you to wear the frames for a period of two weeks. During this time we will ask you to keep a short diary of your experiences, detailing the benefits and challenges of using these lenses
    • We will then contact you to come back into the store to relay your experiences and then ask you to be interviewed for a video to record your feedback at a designated time unless we decide not to.

    We want to understand from members if there are clear benefits to using high performance multifocal lenses.

    Feedback provided by members may be used by Health Partners for a recommendation, product review, and promotional purposes.

    Videos and quotes may be used for member education and promotional materials (including online, in-store, and in print) in perpetuity.

    • Health Partners Members only
    • Members who have worn multifocal lenses in the past
    • Able and willing to fulfill the requirements of the road test including the video in-store
    • Members with a current, valid script that requires Multifocal lenses
    • An optical eye test will be provided if required.
    • Able to adhere to the deadlines set by Health Partners for road testing and videoing experience
    • The final selections of participants will be at Health Partners' absolute discretion.
    • Must sign a Talent release form prior to any filming or photography.

    Health Partners will pay for a pair of new frames for the selected member from our No Gap/Low Gap range fitted with customised high performance multifocal lenses. If the selected member wishes to upgrade to a different frame from a different range in-store, they may do so but will be required to pay the difference between the two frames (minus the value of the no gap frame ($99.00)).

    The value of the frame and lenses are expected to start from $650 per member. We will provide a summary of the total costs. 

    • Present a current, valid prescription (or have an eye test)
    • Choose from our No Gap/Low Gap range of frames (or upgrade if required)
    • Road test (wear) the completed frames and lenses for a period of 2 weeks
    • Keep a diary of experiences (good & bad) during the road test
    • Be available to come into the store a number of times:
    • for a test (not mandatory) & choose frames & lenses
    • collect finished glasses & collect the diary
    • pop back into the store for a video summary of their experience on 3 July 2021
    • Be available during the times of 26 May 2021 to 17 July 2021.

    You can withdraw from the road test at any time by contacting

    If glasses have been made up for the member, but the member does not want to proceed to a video presentation of their experience, then the member must provide Health Partners with a written summary for the glasses to remain complimentary.

    If the member does not decide to provide a summary of their experiences in any form, then the member will be required to pay for 50% of the total price of the frames and lenses provided to them by Health Partners as part of the road test, minus any optical limits they may have.

    • Health Partners will pay for a pair of new frames from our No Gap/Low Gap range with high performance multifocal lenses. If frame change is required, then the participant can upgrade, minus the value of the no gap frame ($99).
    • Offer made for the purpose of the road test is not transferable.
    • Members will not be permitted to conduct the road test with their own frames.
    • Essilor high performance lenses are used.
    • Additional lens coatings can be purchased by the members (i.e blue filter)

    Please email if you have questions, otherwise, we’ll be in touch with successful applicants within 2-3 weeks of registration.

    June Sims – Group Practice Manager

    Alison Gurr – Manager Member Health

    © Copyright Health Partners. 2021 All Rights Reserved.

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