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Can your child see clearly?

Your child’s eyesight changes as they grow and the detection of early vision problems can prevent future problems from occurring. Clear vision can also assist in their learning and development.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 children have an undiagnosed vision problem
  • Good vision = good educational, physical & social development
  • Optometrists Association Australia recommends an eye test before starting school
  • Children should have regular eye tests throughout primary and secondary school

Signs of a vision problem

Children often think that what they’re seeing is normal and adapt to this vision, even though they’re not seeing clearly.

There are a few signs to look out for when your child has a vision problem.

If you notice your child doing any of the above, we recommended that you book them in for an eye test with your Health Partners optometrist.

Kids’ eye tests

Approximately 30 minutes long, they include a series of simple tests designed to check your child’s eye health, visual acuity (how well they can see), binocular vision (how well the eyes work together) and colour vision.

Get 100% back for kids

Choose from a wide range of kids frames in store, plus with our Gold, National and Silver Extras members enjoy 100% back on a range of children’s prescription frames with single vision lenses.*

If you’re concerned about your child’s vision, book an eye test today.
We bulk-bill which means you won’t have anything to pay on the day.^

*One pair of gap-free single vision prescription glasses (multifocal option also available for Gold and National Extras members) per member, per year from selected range and within annual limits.

^Eye tests are bulk-billed through Medicare and subject to eligibility and Medicare conditions.


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