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Optical Digital lenses

Digital lenses

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Protect your eyes from digital screens

Most of us spend an average of 10 hours each day looking at screens – computer, mobile, tablet, TV to name a few. But unfortunately, your eyes aren’t designed to look at millions of glowing pixels all day and too much screen time can lead to eye strain.

Why do your eyes get stressed?

10 hours a day in front of screens

2.5 hours a day on a smartphone

7 out of 10 suffer from tired eyes

Eye strain occurs when we continually refocus our eyes looking to and from screens, as well as reading smaller, pixelated fonts on screen.

Staring at screens all day can also lead to a combination of health issues such as:

  • Red and dry eyes
  • Tired eyes and blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Neck, shoulder or back pain.

If you’ve found yourself suffering from any of these symptoms you could benefit from lenses specifically designed for screen time.

Protect against harmful blue light

Our eyes’ filters also don’t protect against the blue light that radiates from digital screens, and studies have shown that long exposure to blue light can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Try lenses designed for our digital world.

Let our friendly team guide you through our wide range of lens design options to find the best solution to suit your lifestyle – and start protecting your eyes from digital eye strain.

Enjoy these benefits of ergonomically designed lenses:

  • Enhanced screen comfort and improved visual contrast
  • Protection from harmful blue light
  • Easier refocusing on and away from screens
  • Reduced neck and shoulder pain, natural posture for all kinds of near-based work
  • No need to put your glasses on and off to get around the office

Chat to us today – we’ll help you find the best solution tailor-made for you.

*Independently conducted research by New Focus Research, November 2016.

Consumer quantitative study conducted in 2014 among 4000 individuals in France, Brazil, China and the US by Ipsos for Essilor. Blue Light Has a Dark Side, Harvard Health Letter, May 2012 / 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report, The Vision Council Screen use lenses include Nikon Home & Office, Relaxsee, Soltes, Essilor Interview, Eyezen, Varilux Digitime, as well as Crizal Prevencia and Nikon SeeCoat Blue lens coatings.