Overseas travel

Health Partners offers suspension of membership for overseas travel. You are able to apply for a minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 2 years’ suspension. Suspension applies for the period you are outside of Australia (or Australian waters for cruising purposes). During the time that a membership is suspended, health fund benefits and other membership entitlements are not available.

Criteria apply and you can find out all the terms and conditions on the Application to Suspend Membership form. If you are travelling for more than 2 years or have any questions, please contact us on 1300 113 113.

Membership Your membership must be paid up to the date of your departure, and the suspension form must be submitted prior to leaving for overseas. Travel proof will be required for all travellers to reactivate membership. The Medicare Levy Surcharge (refer to Health Insurance Initiatives) may apply for the period that your Hospital cover is suspended.

Financial hardship

We understand that life circumstances change and these changes can impact on your financial situation. If you are experiencing financial difficulty we encourage you to call us to discuss your options.

Submitting an update

Phone 1300 113 113 or chat with us online. You can download forms here and submit online via the contact page or in-person at one of our front-counters.

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