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Members Important Information

Important Information

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Your health is so important, which means your relationship with your Health Fund should be too. That’s why we want to be more than just your Health Fund, we want to be your partner.

A great partner is open and honest, so we don’t want to hide anything. We want you to have all of the important information you need – the nitty gritty – right at your fingertips, because if you’re happy, we’re happy!

Important information about Australian Private Health Insurance

Important information from Health Partners

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Accident or Injury Compensation

If you have had an accident or incurred an injury that may provide you with some form of compensation from a third party or other insurance, you need to contact Health Partners as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

Please also refer to the Product Disclosure Document and Fund Rules for more details about how receiving compensation affects payment of benefits.

Member Care Charter

Health Insurance Fraud

Dispute Resolution Process