Jessie’s Pregnancy & Newborn Support Program story

When Jessie and her partner Bret began thinking about starting a family of their own, they were excited for the journey ahead.

Planning to start a family

‘I knew nothing could truly prepare me for what was to come,' said Jessie.

‘When looking around, I found that Health Partners included a Newborn Support Program with their Gold Hospital cover at no extra cost. I have been a long time member with Health Partners since 2009, and I was instantly drawn to the support services included like having access to an experienced midwife and Medicare-recognised lactation consultant, if I needed it.’ Jessie explained.

During pregnancy

Members with Gold Hospital cover can enrol into the Health Partners Newborn Support Program over the phone or by filling out an online form, confirming eligibility criteria and basic details about their pregnancy.

Once enrolled, Jessie received emails on what to expect with her pregnancy, tips on what to do before the baby arrived, as well as information on what support would be available as part of the Program when her baby was born. Following this, she was sent a first aid kit and information pack.

Jessie was already comfortable with the basics of First-Aid as a registered nurse working in hospital emergency, but she appreciated being sent a dedicated kit for babies and refresher course when it came to first-aid for newborns. ‘As a registered nurse I found that a lot of this information was familiar to me, but for first time mums without that experience it would be a big peace of mind to have that information available.’ said Jessie.

Health Partners’ Newborn Support Program is delivered in partnership with experienced midwives at Mother Nurture.

‘I was contacted by Midwife Donna from Mother Nurture via the Program, who provided me with her contact details should I have any questions throughout the process, and talked me through how I could register for her 8 week e-Course including a prenatal component, which was great for peace of mind.’

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Post-natal support

Once Jessie and Bret were able to go home from the hospital with their son Hugo, Health Partners sent a gift pack with baby skincare products to Jessie at home. ‘This was a really nice touch and it made me feel like I wasn’t just another customer’ said Jessie.

The first 7 weeks of a baby’s life often bring excitement and joy, as well as some new challenges. ‘Things were a bit of a blur - I was grateful that I could pick up the phone and ask advice as I needed it. It was fantastic to speak to Health Partners and they reassured me I had all of those supports such as the midwife, lactation consultant, physio visit and dental check-up,’ she said.

‘A Health Partners consultant also talked me through details such as adding our son Hugo to our cover and changing to family cover, which was a smooth process.

The 20% pharmacy discount included in my Extras cover was great for things like buying Hugo’s formula – it definitely adds up over time!

I’d certainly recommend the Newborn Support Program, the level of support helped me feel so much more at ease as a first time mum,’ said Jessie.

Hugo is now 1 year old, and Jessie and Bret love watching him grow and enjoy his cheeky and infectious smile.

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Newborn Support Program

Read more about our Newborn Support Program or call us on 1300 113 113 to discuss your eligibility.

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Posted: Apr 16 2021


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