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Dental Members

Health Partners members

  • 95% satisfaction rating*
  • SA's largest private practice
  • 30+ years' expertise
  • Accredited practice

Get even more value from your membership at
Health Partners Dental

If you’re a Health Partners Member with Extras cover, you can choose to visit any dental practice and even better, you’re guaranteed to get bigger benefits plus higher limits at Health Partners Dental.

Because we own and operate SA’s largest private dental practice, we’re able to pass on more savings to you. Here’s how:

Bigger dental benefits
You’ll still receive great set benefits at all dentists, but when you choose to visit Health Partners Dental you’ll get more back in benefits, so your out-of-pocket cost is less. Depending on your level of cover, you could get up to 85% back on general and major dental.

Way higher limits
You get access to higher major dental limits, so you’re covered for more treatment. For example, on Top Extras cover, you get a generous $1,000 limit when you visit any dentist, but when you visit a Health Partners Dentist you get access to a $1,500 limit instead.

Don’t pay for kids’ dental check-ups
Get 100% back on kids’ check-ups including scale and clean, X-rays and fluoride treatment.

On select covers. Gap-free dental check-up includes item numbers 11, 12, 22, 111, 114 and 121.

100% back on custom-fitted mouthguards
Depending on your level of cover, each member could get a gap-free custom-fitted mouthguard each year.

On select covers. Benefit for one standard mouthguard (item 151); select colours only.

20% off teeth whitening kits
Includes custom-fitted trays, whitening gel and applicator.

Excludes items already covered by a health fund rebate.

20% off dental care products
Save on electric toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss and much more.

Excludes items already covered by a health fund rebate.

Limits, waiting periods and conditions apply. Refer to the Health Partners Member Guide and the member discounts page for more information.

*Independently conducted research by New Focus Research, November 2016.