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Dental Dental check up

Dental check-ups

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Why a regular dental check up is important

Visiting the dentist for regular dental check-ups is the best way to help:

  • Keep teeth and gums healthy
  • Prevent future dental problems
  • Give you a bright and more confident smile.


How often do you need to go to the dentist?

You should generally visit the dentist once or twice a year – our dentists will recommend what’s best for your oral health.

What’s included in a dental check-up and clean?

During your visit, your dentist will:

  1. Examine your teeth and gums: Check for any signs of decay, gingivitis and other oral health problems.
  2. Clean and polish your teeth: Remove plaque or tartar build-up and polish to help remove stains.
  3. Take an X-ray: Depending on your oral health condition you may require an X-ray.
  4. Update your medical records: It’s important to advise your dentist of your medications and any health related issues.
  5. Book another appointment: If they find any problems, they’ll discuss the best treatment plan for you and make the necessary appointments.


How much does a dental check-up and clean cost?

If you’re a new patient to Health Partners Dental, your first check-up and clean will cost around $192 – that’s before any benefits are paid from your health fund.~

~Service price quoted based on specific item numbers and valid until 30 June 2018.

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*Independently conducted research by New Focus Research, November 2016.