Travelling overseas?

Not only can you receive special member prices on travel insurance purchased through Health Partners, you can suspend your private health cover while you are overseas. Suspension is available for a minimum of 3 weeks and maximum of 2 years, and must be applied for prior to departure. Please note the Medicare Levy Surcharge may apply for the period that your hospital cover is suspended.

Click here to download the Suspension of Cover form (90kb PDF)

Fax your completed form to: (08) 8113 2259


Mail your completed form to:

Health Partners
Reply Paid 1493,
Adelaide SA 5001

(no stamp required) 

To apply for Suspension of your Membership due to Travel, you must meet the following criteria:

• You must return your form to Health Partners prior to departure and be paid up to the date of your departure. 
• You must have been a financial member of Health Partners for a period of one month. 
• Suspension must be for a minimum period of 21 days not including your departure and arrival dates to and from Australia. 
• The membership must be suspended in full, and is not available if anyone on the membership remains in Australia. 
• You must supply verification of exit and re-entry for each traveler upon your return (e.g. boarding passes or airline/e-tickets). Photocopy, original or photograph accepted. 
• You must contact Health Partners within one month of your return to Australia, or your membership will be terminated effective from the date you suspended your membership (which may count towards your Lifetime Health Cover ‘permitted days’). 
• Health Partners will send you a letter of confirmation once your suspension has been received and processed. 

• Suspension can be for a maximum period of 2 years. If you extend your travel you must contact Health Partners prior to the end of the suspension period.  
• Health Partners benefits are not available whilst cover is suspended, and are not available for goods and services provided outside of Australia. 
• If you have any anticipated hospital visits before you leave Australia or immediately upon your return please advise us. 
• In some cases the Medicare Levy Surcharge will apply for the period that Hospital cover is suspended. For more information please call the ATO on 13 28 61.
• Suspension applies for the period you are outside of Australia or Australian waters for cruising purposes.

• Health Partners will make necessary arrangements with your credit union or bank to suspend deductions for the period you are overseas. If you will be overseas for more than six months, your direct debit payments will be cancelled and need to be reactivated upon your return. 
• Payroll deductions will continue whilst your membership is suspended. For travel periods greater than two months Health Partners will advise your Payroll Officer to suspend further deductions until your return. 
• Any premiums paid in advance will be credited to your membership, or refunded upon request, once your membership is reactivated. 
• Please note: a payment may be required on your return to ensure your membership remains up to date.

To contact Health Partners while overseas please email us at or fax us on +61 8 8113 2259.


Like to know more?

Call Health Partners on 1300 113 113
or 1800 182 322 if you are outside the Adelaide metropolitan area or interstate.