At Health Partners, we’re here to be your trusted health insurance partner throughout your family’s life. Full time students are eligible to be covered under a Family membership from the age of 21 up to the age of 25, at no extra cost.

Once a dependant turns 21 he/she is no longer covered under the family membership unless he/she is a full-time student and is registered as a student dependant with Health Partners.

The registration form is to be completed by the policyholder for each student-year commencing 1 March for all student dependants included under the family membership. 

Registration is to be renewed annually before 1 March.

Please inform Health Partners immediately of any changes in the student dependant's circumstances. 




Like to know more?

Call Health Partners on 1300 113 113
or 1800 182 322 if you are outside the Adelaide metropolitan area or interstate.