We are in the process of getting your tax statements ready and are working to get them to you as soon as possible. They will be available in Members Online by 15 July 2017.

At the end of each financial year, Health Partners issues a Private Health Insurance (Tax) Statement to all members (policyholders and partners/spouses) who held cover or paid premiums during the last financial year.

The statement contains information to help you complete your tax return. 

The policyholder and any adult dependant (partner or spouse) that was listed on a membership during the 2016-17 financial year will receive a tax statement.


How will I receive my statement?

If you are the policyholder, you can access your statement via Members Online as soon as they are ready.

Via email

If you are signed up for email communication and are the policyholder, we will notify you via email as soon as they are ready. You can view your statement by logging into Members Online and clicking ‘Your mail’ on the left menu.

Via Post

If you choose to receive your Tax Statement by mail or you are a partner/ spouse, it will be mailed to you on or before 15 July 2017.



Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of the most common questions to help with your preparations this tax time.

Private health insurance and your tax statement

Why do I need a Private Health Insurance Statement?

There are two main reasons:

  1. The rebate information on the statement will help the ATO to work out the level of rebate you are entitled to depending on your annual earnings and the age of the oldest person covered on your membership.

    If you are receiving the rebate as a reduction in your premiums, the ATO will determine whether you have received too much or too little rebate. If you have not claimed the rebate, the ATO will use this information to determine your applicable tax offset.
  2. You will need the statement as proof that you have held an appropriate level of hospital cover to exempt you from the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). 

    If you did not have an appropriate level of private hospital cover for the entire 2016/17 financial year and earned over $90,000 as a single or $180,000 as a couple/family you could be required to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge. All Health Partners hospital covers meet the MLS requirements.

Who on my membership will receive a statement?

The policyholder and any adult dependant (partner or spouse) that was listed on your membership during the 2016-17 financial year. 

Your statement will have your share of premiums paid and your share (if any) of the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance – if you received this as a reduction in premiums. It will also include the name of your partner or spouse, if applicable.

Why does my partner's name show on my statement?

If a partner was a beneficiary at the time of a premium payment being made, they’ll be listed under ‘other adult' beneficiaries.  They will also be sent a statement of their own. This can include any adult dependants inlcuded on the cover during the financial year.

Why did we receive two statements?

Your partner or spouse (even if they are no longer on your membership) will receive their own statement with their share of premiums paid and their share of the rebate (if any).

Why is only one statement available online?

Only the policyholder will be able to access their Tax Statement online. 

Why didn’t my child receive a statement? What if they need to show they held cover?

Dependant children on your policy will not receive a statement. However, if they earned over $90,000 in the last financial year we can provide them with documentation stating the number of days they held hospital cover with Health Partners. This can be requested by calling us on 1300 113 113 or emailing

Why is there more than one line of information on my statement?

Due to changes in the way the rebate is calculated, you will need to add some extra information to your tax return. If you made payments before and after April this year, your statement will include at least one line to reflect the rebate you received before 1 April and at least one line to reflect the rebate you received from 1 April.

You will need to enter all lines in the appropriate section of your tax return.

What’s a Benefit Code?

The ATO uses the ‘benefit code’ to work out the correct level of rebate. The code represents your age based rebate entitlement but does not reflect the actual rebate percentage you receive or your rebate tier.

Benefit codes before 1 April: 30 / 35 / 40
Benefit codes from 1 April: 31 / 36 / 41


Why does my statement show a zero dollar amount?

A zero dollar amount in the section ‘Your premiums eligible for Australian Government Rebate’ means you did not make a payment in the 2016-17 financial year. 

However, your statement will show the number of days you were covered with Hospital cover. Your statement also includes the number of days you had Extras cover – although you won’t need this for your tax return.

I’ve lost my statement; can I get another copy?

That’s no problem – if you are the policyholder, you can access it at Members Online. Log in (or register) to view or print your current and past statements.

If you are not the policyholder, please call us on 1300 113 113 so we can arrange to reprint and post it to you.