• You can add a newborn to your membership with immediate cover and no waiting periods, provided it is within 60 days from their date of birth.
  • Adopted or fostered children may be added to your membership and avoid the 2 month waiting period, provided it is within 60 days of obtaining legal guardianship. Waiting periods apply for pre-existing conditions.
  • If you have a Single or Couple membership and wish to add a child dependant you will need to transfer to Family or Sole Parent Family membership, with contributions paid from the date of birth (or from the date of obtaining legal guardianship).
  • Benefits are payable on a Family membership for registered dependants up to the age of 21 years and full-time students from their 21st to their 25th birthday.
  • If a child ceases to be a student dependant he/she can join their own Health Partners membership, or be covered on a Family Focus membership up to their 25th birthday, provided they are without a partner.