Newborn support program

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the most exciting and meaningful times in a family's life, but it can also be one of the most stressful.

Imagine having your own midwife on call throughout your pregnancy and up until your child’s first birthday – Health Partners Newborn Support Program provides just that! This program gives you the opportunity to look after the health of both you and your baby, offering advice and support in areas such as high blood pressure during pregnancy, breastfeeding, sleeping and advice on solids after birth. Support is available via email and phone, along with online links to credible and useful sites and resources. 

Receive phone calls and emails from our qualified midwives at specific stages through your pregnancy and post birth, when you are most likely to be experiencing changes or difficulties and need additional information and support. You are welcome to call or email your midwife as often as you need for personalised care and advice. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes you will also be offered the opportunity to receive additional care and support before and after birth to ensure you have the information you need to manage the condition, and stay well and healthy.

Our midwives are also trained to:

  • Identify health issues and concerns and ensure they are dealt with adequately and early
  • Provide advice, assistance and encouragement to women who are breastfeeding
  • Identify the signs of post-natal depression
  • Educate parents about healthy lifestyles
  • Work with and refer parents to useful community-based organisations.

How can I enrol in the Newborn Support Program? 

Along with cover for maternity, this program is available to all Health Partners members with Gold Hospital, Gold Value Hospital with Maternity and Family Essentials Package cover. 

We also offer the program on Gold Value Hospital excluding Maternity and Silver Hospital covers, but only following public patient admission for pregnancy and birth-related services.  

To enrol in the program, simply download the Newborn Support Application form and post it to us at Health Partners Reply Paid 1493, Adelaide SA 5001 or fax it to us on (08) 8113 2259.

For more information, or to request an enrolment form, contact us on 1300 113 113.


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Like to know more?

Call Health Partners on 1300 113 113
or 1800 182 322 if you are outside the Adelaide metropolitan area or interstate.