Who wants to stay in hospital longer than they absolutely have to?
What if you could shorten your stay, or avoid a visit altogether? 

Home Health Partner provides tailored treatment options to keep you out of hospital and assist in a speedy recovery at home!


What is Home Health Partner?

Home Health Partner is a unique service designed to make the transition from hospital to home easier for you. If it is appropriate, you can elect to leave hospital early after an operation and continue receiving care in the comfort of your own home. We can ensure you receive all the support you need to help you on the road to recovery. By working with the hospital staff and your doctor, services such as nursing care and home help can be arranged.

We may also assist you to avoid a hospitalisation altogether.

All cases are individually reviewed by the hospital prior to your discharge to the care of your GP, with a care plan developed appropriate to your clinical needs.

How does it work?

Prior to your early discharge or hospitalisation, your doctor and nursing staff will assess and decide whether the program is suitable for you and what discharge services you will require. With your consent, they will contact Health Partners with the details of the services that need to be arranged for you.

After you are discharged, the Home Health Partner representative will visit you at home to ensure that all services are in place and meeting your needs.


For more information about Home Health Partner and to find out if you're eligible, simply call us on 1300 113 113.

Terms and conditions

Home Health Partner is designed to care for members at no extra cost after they leave hospital. The program is not available at every hospital or rehabilitation facility. Referral to Home Health Partner is made by the staff of the participating hospital. No Health Partners staff are involved in any clinical assessment. If we are unable to coordinate services to a level your doctor is happy with, you remain in hospital for the duration of your recovery.


Like to know more?

Call Health Partners on 1300 113 113
or 1800 182 322 if you are outside the Adelaide metropolitan area or interstate.