What is private health insurance?

There are two parts to private health insurance – hospital cover and extras cover.

Hospital cover helps cover your costs when you are admitted to hospital as a private patient and provides benefits for services like:

  • Your accommodation fees
  • Your theatre, labour ward and intensive care fees
  • Doctors’ fees for procedures performed in hospital
  • Tests performed and medications prescribed whilst admitted to hospital

Extras cover provides benefits for services that generally aren’t covered by Medicare. For example:

  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Natural therapies (e.g. massage)

At Health Partners, you can select a package cover that combines the two for you, combine your own hospital and extras covers; or if you prefer, choose hospital or extras on its own.

What is medicare?

Medicare is the public health care system provided by the Australian Government. Medicare covers things like:
  • Visits to your GP or specialist
  • Being treated as a public patient in a public hospital
  • Services such as x-rays or blood tests
  • Some prescription medicines

Why choose private health insurance?

There are many benefits to choosing private health insurance over the public system.

If you’re having surgery, private health insurance gives you the right to choose your doctor, the hospital and more importantly, when you’re treated. Private health insurance offers you peace of mind and puts you in control of your health.

The cost of private health insurance

Private health insurance can be expensive, but not having it can also cost you. There are many Government initiatives to help make private health insurance more affordable, but be aware that you can also be penalised for not having it.

Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance

Lifetime Health Cover

Medicare Levy Surcharge

Questions you should ask

It’s important to ask the right questions when you’re shopping for health cover, such as:

Hospital cover

  • Can I be treated in the hospital of my choice, by the Doctor of my choice?
  • What treatments are not covered by this policy, or only covered to a limited extent?
  • Are ambulance services fully covered?
  • Is there an excess or co-payment? Is it waived in any circumstances?

Extras cover

  • What services are covered?
  • Can I use my own provider?

General questions

  • Can you organise the transfer from my current fund?
  • Are there any waiting periods?
  • Do you offer any discounts for paying by direct debit or paying in advance?
  • Are you a Members Own health fund, reinvesting in member benefits rather than paying shareholders

Questions you may be asked

In order to recommend a product that’s right for you, and give you the correct quote, you may be asked some or all of the following questions.

  • Are you, and anyone else who may be covered on this membership, a permanent resident of Australia and eligible for full Medicare benefits?
  • What rebate tier would you like to nominate (or what is your current household income)?
  • What services (hospital and extras) do you require cover for?
  • Who would you like to cover on the membership?
  • What is your/your partner's age?
  • Do you currently have private health insurance?


Like to know more?

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