For generations, health insurance in Australia was provided by not-for-profit and mutual funds like Health Partners. Health funds that existed purely for the benefit of their members.

With over three quarters of the South Australian private health insurance sector now dominated by large, for-profit health funds, Health Partners has joined a new alliance for not-for-profit and mutual funds that have, and always will, put members first. 

At Health Partners, we’re about members, not numbers. That’s why our members’ health and wellness is at the forefront of every decision we make. By carrying the Members Own symbol, we promise to:

Exist only to benefit our members

At Health Partners, we don’t have investors or overseas owners looking over our shoulder, demanding a share of your premiums. Without the pressure of dividends for shareholders, we can focus on what really matters: returning more to our members – not profiting from them. 

With members in mind, we aim for lower (but reasonable) profit margins which still allow us to invest in member benefits and services, while building a strong capital base for future investment in our members. 

Give more back to our members 

At Health Partners, more of your premium dollar comes back to you – the member – in benefits. 

For example, we continually exceed the industry average by returning 91 cents of every premium dollar we receive in benefits to our members, compared to an industry average of 87 cents.*

Additionally, we’re committed to keeping premium rate increases to an absolute minimum. 

*As reported in the Commonwealth Ombudsman's '2016 State of the Health Funds Report', released March 2017.

Offer a better, more personal service   

With almost 80 years of experience, we at Health Partners know and understand that every person’s circumstances are different. 

We learnt quickly that providing members with the best possible health cover means more than processing a claim. It means listening and understanding; it means professionally dealing with issues as they arise and being committed to making improvements. 

By measuring member satisfaction each year and responding to your feedback, we’re ensuring our member services are always given the highest priority. As a result, we have high levels of satisfied members and receive few member complaints.

Finding the right health fund needn’t be hard.

If you’re with a health fund that carries the Members Own symbol, you can be proud to have entrusted your health to a fund that exists purely for its members and provides the best choice in health insurance. 

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