Is your office becoming a pain in the back?

Is your office becoming a pain in the back?

Eight in every 10 Australians will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime, although it may surprise you to learn that office workers may be more predisposed to back pain than that of their physically labouring counterparts.

Why? Because the less active you are, the greater the likelihood you’ll suffer back pain.

But, if you are confined to an office for most of the day, don’t despair. All is not lost, says one of Adelaide’s leading sports and spinal physiotherapists Tim Bass from My Physio SA.

“It’s all about getting the balance back in the correct order and keeping you moving as much as possible within the confines of your workplace,” says Tim.

Top tips to help you avoid back pain and increase your daily activity levels

  • Get up and walk away from your desk every 30 minutes—set an alarm if you have to.
  • If you’re on a deadline and can’t walk away, pause to do some neck, upper and lower-back exercises, such as the bow-and-arrow  while you’re at your desk.
  • Check your chair, desk and computer set-up—are they at the correct height for you?
  • Be mindful of your posture—are you hunched over or sitting up too straight?
  • Outside of work, do some form of exercise at least three or four times a week. Swap 30 minutes in front of the television for a walk outside instead.

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