Health Partners' Next Top Model

Health Partners' Next Top Model

It’s amazing the transformation a perfect pair of frames can make.

When Ken, aged 86, applied for an optical make-over we took on the challenge and transformed him into a thousand different personalities. From French explorer to Shakespearean actor, we just love his new look. And so does Ken, as he says ‘Just because I am old, doesn’t mean I have to feel old!’

Ken’s been a Health Partners’ member for nearly 40 years and he’s mad for table tennis. He loves it! In fact, he still picks up the bat and plays competitively at the age of 86, although he admits he’s only recently given up umpiring because of the speed of the sport.

When it comes to modelling however, this has never really been Ken’s thing. He’s always been the type of bloke to throw on whatever’s hanging in the wardrobe that looks alright and then he goes about his day.

He’s been wearing glasses since he was 8 years old and apart from keeping them clean so he can see out of them properly, he’s never given a second thought to designer frames, different colours, shapes and styles until now…

Ken saw our call out to our members to ‘take a selfie’ for a chance to win an optical makeover, including new designer frames.

“I thought this sounds like fun, so I snapped a selfie and submitted it,” Ken says.

“Admittedly, I didn’t expect to get a call from Health Partner’s to say I’d won an optical makeover – but I’m glad I did.

“My transformation is really quite unbelievable - I look younger and not old-fashioned.”


Ken admits it was great to be shown by Health Partners how it’s done, as he never thought he would ever wear round tortoiseshell frames but he was open to trying something new.

Here at Health Partners, we love Ken’s new look. Be sure to check out our latest Autumn Optical catalogue, where you might find your new look!


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