On 1 October 1937, our organisation officially opened as the South Australian Public Service Association Hospital Benefit Fund. Our core business was to provide hospital cover to members of the South Australian Public Service Association and their families.

Since 1937, we’ve grown to become South Australia’s largest open health fund.  Today, we have a membership totalling almost 40,000, covering over 80,000 people.

Additionally, we’ve been providing our members with strong expertise in dental and optical since the late eighties and early nineties respectively. Today, we proudly boast South Australia’s largest private dental practice known as Health Partners Dental. We own and operate four optical centres and provide a network of 50 participating pharmacies and 45 physiotherapy partners.

Despite growth and changes in the industry, we proudly remain a not-for-profit and mutual health fund – a health fund that’s run to benefit members. 

The timeline below highlights significant events and milestones in our history, the most recent being our membership with Members Own Health Funds.   



The South Australian Public Service Association Hospital Benefit Fund Inc (HBF) formed to provide hospital insurance to SA Government employees, with a membership base of almost 1,000.

1962 Our name changed to The South Australian Public Service Association Health Benefits Fund (HBF), to reflect that we now covered more than just hospital benefits.
1984 With the creation of Medicare, the health industry saw massive change and so we introduced extras cover to our members.
1987 We introduced a Pharmacy Scheme for members that included unique benefits at 17 pharmacies across Adelaide.
1988 We became the first South Australian private health fund to provide a full range of general dental services through a members' Dental Centre at Hutt Street.
1991 We opened our first members’ Optical Centre in Flinders Street.
1992 Due to member demand, we opened a second Dental Centre in Gawler Place.
The success of members' Dental and Optical centres helped Health Partners to win the South Australian Marketing Award for Excellence, a major feature of the award being ‘excellence in service’.
The Pharmacy Scheme grew to include over 30 pharmacies.
HBF became an open fund and membership grew to 18,000.
We opened a second Optical Centre in Gawler Place.
We strengthened our organisation by joining forces with the Australian Health Service Alliance, a company formed to contract with doctors and hospitals.
HBF changed its name to Health Partners. This name reflects the partnership with members and our specially selected health professionals.
We launched a Physiotherapy Scheme, giving members higher benefits at selected physiotherapy practices in metropolitan Adelaide.
Health Partners celebrated 60 years of service to members and moved to new premises at 76 Pirie Street.
Health Partners Optical relocated from Flinders Street to King William Road.
1999 We opened a third Dental Centre in the southern suburbs at Woodcroft.
2000 Health Partners Dental expanded into the northern suburbs with a fourth centre opening at Modbury.
2002 Membership grew to 25,000.
2004 The growing popularity of Health Partners Dental led to the opening of a fifth dental centre at Modbury.
2007 Health Partners celebrates 70 years of service to members, with a 33,000-strong membership covering over 70,000 individuals.
2012  We opened a new Dental centre at 27 Smart Road Modbury, combining our existing dental centres at12 Smart Road and 33 Smart Road. 
2012 We launched our  new online health tool –

We opened a third Optical store and a second Member Services centre at 27 Smart Road Modbury, in the same complex as our new Dental centre.
2013 We opened a fourth Optical store at Woodcroft in the same complex as our Dental centre.
2014  We opened a Health Partners hub at 101 Pirie Street which combines our new optical flagship store, Member Services, Health Partners Dental and our Head Office.

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2015  Health Partners joins Members Own, a new alliance for not-for-profit and mutual health funds.

On 20 February, our building at 101 Pirie Street, Adelaide was officially opened by The Hon. Jay Weatherill MP, Premier of South Australia.


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